[FFXIv] 2 Grinds Completed!

And I didn’t even know I was doing one of them, so arguably that one wasn’t a grind….  But yeah, there I was, doing my daily expert dungeon run when “Achievement Earned!” pops up across the screen, leaving me to go “Huh. . .wha?”  We finished the fight and I clicked the link and saw this:


I need to go talk to that guy in Gridania to get my glamour item…

Ok… that’s a lot of monsters, and I didn’t even know I was doing it.  Yay, I guess.

On the other hand, I knew that I was doing the “grind” to get my chocobo companion to 20, but considering that I’ve been getting a level every 5-6 weeks for it since it was about level 4 due to how much xp is needed vs how little it gains from actual playing with it, vs the 2 challenge logs awards per week…. can’t really grind when you can’t speed it up.  It’s really just a tortoise plodding along and it eventually gets there —


Yup, that’s all of it.

This also means I got a new barding — white mage this time:


And yet it’s a terrible healer. Though it’s saved my butt a few times, so I’m not complaining either.

Still and all, I find myself just putting it in attacker stance anymore.  If you leave it in free stance it spends more time casting the regen on you and the tank buffs on itself than it does actually fighting the mobs you’re going after.  And when I’m in i230 gear fighting mobs designed for i140-ish, it’s not like I need the heals and it’s never held aggro as a tank either, so….. yeah.

On the chocobo racing front, I put my Pedigree 5 in the cooker this morning, so it will be waiting for me to pick it up during tonight’s play session.  My daughter’s been watching me race and that’s made her want to race on her own character and run around the gold Saucer a bit as well.  She got a nice screenie of herself sitting on a bench:


There’s an NPC next to her that she just automatically looked at and held the pose.

And in the irony department, Belghast recently returned to playing more regularly and I got in a chat convo with him at one point and he asked if my daughter was still the queen of running around in the Mist housing area on her unicorn mount.  I updated him that I’ve gotten her character to 60 and fully flight capable, so I told him she doesn’t spend much time in Mist anymore at all, so she then promptly began running around Mist and going into random people’s houses and taking screenshots again.  Even thought she wasn’t privy to that chat at all nor did I tell her about it.  She just randomly picked it up again right as I said she’s stopped.  Go figure.  And here’s an example of one of her screenies in someone’s house:


Midgardsormr on her shoulder just above the waterline just made the pic for me.

Happy gaming out there!

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