[FFXIV] 3.3 Very Initial Impressions


I got my flying turtle mount

I went to bed kinda late last night, but then woke up annoyingly early.  On the other hand, that gave me a chance to log in and start working on the patch 3.3 stuff, so while I’ll be dragging all day…. worth it!  Well, maybe…


It begins

Why the maybe?  Well… right as I logged in, I knew to go to to Limsa Lominsa to grab the unlock quest for Hullbreaker Isle (Hard) so I did that.  Even though I queued for the Duty Finder as a DPS it was an instant pop, so that was nice.  And as a joke as we loaded in to the instance I said “1st time here and I’ve not watched a video so I’m completely blind!”  The black mage said “Same!” and the tank said “Guys…. it’s been out for 2 WHOLE HOURS!  What do you mean you don’t know it backwards and forwards?!?!?!?!”  That was a fun interchange, anyway.


Snail trash just before the snail boss

The dungeon itself was easy.  REALLY easy.  Trash was melting in about half the time that Antitower and Amdapor (Hard) mobs did.  The 1st boss was…. not a boss.  Some standard overland mobs appeared and we killed them quickly, then another wave appeared, so we killed them while waiting for the boss to show up, but then another wave came and surely after 3 waves of easy trash the boss would come right?  Nope… 4th wave and… yeah, done.  The group convo after it said we were done was pretty much “That was it?” “I kept waiting for a boss to show up.” Dang, that was too easy.”


Trash before the final boss, not that you can see it among all the explosions…

More trash that melted and we made it to the snail boss.  This one wasn’t awful, but it was still on the easy side of things.  I don’t actually remember too much about it, so the mechanics weren’t really enough to stick in my mind.  I only really recall that he casts Thin Ice on the arena, then pops an ice marker on everyone and drops an ice meteor that persists for a bit then melts and if you go into the puddle then it hits you with a stun, but it also protects you from his big room-wide AE that he casts.  But that roomwide AE didn’t do much damage so nobody knew to run into the puddles the 1st time he cast it and the healer easily kept us up.  2nd time I ran into the puddle to test and found out that it protects you, but we’d already found on the 1st cast that we can just eat it, so….. no biggie.


An easy finish

More easy trash, then the final boss that we just burned down.  I mean, the treasure chests that he summons look like we should be able to do something to mitigate them, but we coudln’t click them and standing on the chest under the thing that slowly dropped into it didn’t do anything, so… healer just healed through the big ae that blew up the chests and hurt everyone.  He did drop some ‘splodey barrels to knock away, but those weren’t any big deal at all.  So yeah…. disappointingly easy dungeon there.  I got a couple of i215 drops on greed rolls — gloves for Ninja and chest piece for BRD/MCH.  Since there was a Black Mage along we both rolled need on the caster ring and she won that, but I already have i230 and i220 s I just rolled on it for my retainer, not becuz I actually cared about it.


Clasic Hildy face

From there I headed up to Ishgard to start working on the new Main Story Quest missions.  As I teleported in there was the NPC to start the next phase of the Hildibrand line right by the aetheryte, so I did that before heading into the MSQ.  It was 2 short quests that told a bit of story, but was just running around with nothing to do but watch it unfold.  It was amusing, but not inspired like the earlier level 50 Hildy stuff was.  Not sorry I did it, but it felt a bit on the “fluff” side of things.  Then again, that’s all Hildy ever was, so I’m not sure why I’m not finding it to be so hilarious now.  There were some good lines, and I chuckled more than once, so I still find it funny, it’s just… lacking that “spark” I used to feel that it had?  Or maybe it’s that it’s no longer surprising when Godbert loses all of his clothes and then does something completely impossible, and Hildy always ends up headfirst in the ground with his clothing in tatters, so it’s just old hat anymore?


Finally got all the i200 White Mage gear

Moving on from there to the MSQ, so far it’s been a lot of exposition.  Some of the cutscenes are voiced, which is always nice.  I managed to get up to where Sohr Kai is unlocked in the Duty Finder.  As everyone guessed after seeing the trailer, the fighting in there is going to be a test to prove that we’re worthy of Hraesvelgr’s help in the coming fight against Nidhogg.  I’m looking forward to running that tonight and I hope it’s not super-easy like Hullbreaker.


And also all of the Astrologian set to boot.

I’m also looking forward to unlocking the new 24-man raid, and I need to run A8N 1 more time to get my 7th gear to allow me to get the tomestone I need in order to finally get my i230 weapon.  I think I’ll do that 1st thing tonight, then go into Sohr Kai, and see where that takes me.

Happy gaming out there!


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