[FFXIV] Sohr Khai


Rainbows are ephemeral, so it was nice to catch one! This one faded out less than a minute later.

As mentioned in my last post, I headed in to Sohr Khai last night.  The trash in this dungeon has HP more in-line with what AntiTower and Amdapor (Hard) had, so it takes a bit more doing to get through.


I finally got my i230 weapon!

The bosses have more mechanics to deal with also, but they’re not really hard.  This is actually nice becuz it makes the fights interesting, but not “hoo boy, here we go again.”  The 1st boss is the current Moogle king.  His big thing is that he summons some easy adds, and 1 is tethered to him and makes him invulnerable.  After you kill the adds he’ll eventually toss out some purple circles at the unconscious adds and if you leave them in the circles he’ll revive them and then summon some more.  Moving them out of the circles is just a matter of targeting and hitting the body and easily done with an AE attack, though.  The 2nd wave of adds then comes and you burn them down, then finish the main boss off.


This is actually part of the cutscene that follows the final fight.

2nd boss is the giant pegasus that does the big knockback featured in the patch trailer.  Your battle arena is fairly narrow and bounded by walls that get destroyed over the course of the fight.  He periodically casts “Quasar” at a random group member and it damages the walls, so you wan to be standing in the middle of the strip so as to make it miss the walls.  He disappears and does a proximity-based damage attack when he lands again, but it’s telegraphed for a long time so it’s easy to move as far away from it as possible.  He’ll also mark someone for a lightning storm and that person needs to move away from the group and preferably near an already-destroyed wall so that the storm doesn’t destroy walls that are still up.  And of course, the charge attack that you need to move over against the wall to … you take the physical hit, but avoid the big lighting part of it.  After a wall is destroyed you can move beyond it, but doing so puts you in electrified water which hurts pretty bad, so…. walls are better 😉


Yes, another selfie.

The final boss is Hrasevelgr himself.  He kinda reminded me of the Kraken in “regular” Hullbreaker where you’re having to jump back and forth between platforms to avoid high-damage attacks.  There’s a dps race element to it since the big attacks destroy platforms so you’ve got fewer and fewer places to go as the fight moves along.  Other than the occasional need to move to avoid some slow-moving bad things, and to try to stay on a platform within range of the healer it’s not a bad fight at all.  Quite fun, and somehow the motion makes it interesting but not annoying.  Well done SE!


Fighting dragons make for some pretty spectacular fireworks

After doing that we heard the roar of Nidhogg and his horde attacking Ishgard, so we hightailed it back there and now I’ve got the 8-man trial vs Nidhogg to do.  That will be tonight….

Happy gaming out there!

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