[Wildstar] A Wildstar Weekend

Explorer Vista

A very cartoony look, but it still looks nice

In my typical reading ’round the blogosphere, I’ve seen that Wildstar is on Steam now, but didn’t care until one of the posts I read (sorry, don’t recall which blogger and can’t seem to find it now, so no link 😦 ) (Update:  Found it! ) talked about how to take your existing account and add it to Steam and oddly enough the tracking of overall time played is a stat that I actually like to know, so I figured “Why not?”  I didn’t have WS installed, so I fired up Steam and initiated the download through there, then once it was done I didn’t remember my password either so had to go to the NCSoft site to fix that… but I eventually got in.

Assuming anyone reads this blog enough to remember…. last September I posted about having 6 characters on the Exile side, and I planned to do a post about making 6 on the… um.. Imperium(?) side but I must have lost interest quickly again.  And obviously I still don’t care enough to even remember the names of the factions, so we’ll see where this goes, but anyway… I logged in and found that instead of 12 characters I only had 3.  I vaguely recall deleting some, but I didn’t think I’d purged that many.  Or maybe Carbine purged inactive level 1’s or something.  Regardless, I had my level 9 Esper, level 8 Spellslinger, and level 2 Medic and decided to see what I could do with the Medic.

Back whenever I’d made the Medic I chose the Explorer path for it and holy crap does that make you run all over the place!  Seems like every time I’d open up a new section of the map I’d get 2 new path quests and they tend to be either a jumping puzzle and/or finding a way into some really obscure area via a hidden/tucked away single place that you’d never guess by looking at the map so you really do have to explore into every nook and cranny and curse my completionist tendencies for making me actually look everywhere. . . .

I played the Medic pretty much all day Saturday and got it from level 2 to level 14 in that time.  I’m nowhere close to finishing either of the 2 level 7-14 zones either.  Both have very large unexplored chunks as of yet.

On Sunday I decided to go a bit different from my preferred playstyle of a long range damage dealer and rolled up a stalker.  The 1st couple of levels felt a bit off but as I started getting more skills as I leveled up it became rather fun.  Plus the stealth to run in and out of places and simply achieve the quest objectives without a lot of extraneous killing was kinda fun too.  I’ll admit I fell in love with the PBAE skill that hits rather hard.  In the little mini-dungeon you can do at level 6 stealthing into a pack of mobs and lighting that off was a nice way to thin out the numbers of mobs rapidly.  On the other hand, when you’re not in steatlh or behind a mob and your big hits are on cooldown things can take a while to die, so the dichotomy of “It dies in 2-3 hits on opener” vs “This really takes *forever* to die” is a bit jarring.  But then again that’s a hallmark of rogue-style gameplay and I knew that going in.  I got up to level 11, I think.

But then I decided to go back to what I recall as being my more favored class and popped in on the Spellslinger.  I got it from 7 up to… 11 or 12, I think.  And found that I’m not caring so much for it after all.  Every class has to circle strafe a lot and Spellslinger has the narrowest firing cone and attacks that tend to be consistently moderate-to-high damage, but no real big burst (even a fully charged up Charged Shot doesn’t feel like it hits that hard and it takes a long time to charge) at these levels yet, so mobs don’t feel like they’re dying that fast.  They don’t necessarily feel like they’re dying slowly, just… slower than I’d like, if that makes sense.  I’ll probably stick with it a while though, as it did start to feel like it was doing more damage as I got up to the double-digit level range.

To round out the class set I created a Warrior and an Engineer and got them both up to level 6.  In this level range the warrior feels very low on the dps scale even though I’m using its dps abilities and not its tanking ones.  I’ve seen some videos of higher level warriors that looked like they were just fine in the damage-dealing department though, so I’m not too worried about it as of yet, though it will probably be a class that I’d level up last assuming that I keep playing Wildstar more often and don’t end up dropping out again.

The Engineer felt really slow to kill things from levels 1-3 but at level 4 I got he robot companion and it’s a ranged attacker now, where from what I recall before it was a melee tank (and not a good one) and that made a huge difference on the time to kill the mobs.  By the time I got to level 6 I was quite enjoying the engineer, so… I may stick with this for a while and see where it goes.  It’s the class description that most appeals to me and so I always wanted to like it…. we’ll see how it goes.

Happy gaming out there!


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  1. I’ve mostly played Engineer and love it. My second highest, only level 17, is a Spellslinger and again I really do enjoy it but then that character is paired with an Engineer for levelling so I’ll not get to experience the class solo. I’ve tried all the other classes but I’m not playing enough of the game to really see them in action, yet.

    • Well I’ve actually been losing track of time when playing WS — I was late for work this morning becuz I forgot to keep checking the clock as I played, so…. something’s clicking this time. I plan to focus on 1 eventually, I just haven’t quite figured out which one yet. Engineer seems like a very definite maybe.

  2. Carbine purged a bunch of characters that were on the arkships (in essence, had never been played or moved onto the next zone).

    Glad you’re enjoying it for the moment, and it’s clicking! 🙂 If you need a guild, feel free to hit me up. ;P

    • Yeah, there was a recent MOP article about Wildstar and the comments thread mentioned that. and yeah, they’d pretty much just been played far enough to get their weapons on the Arkship, but that was it, so…. they were eligible for purge, it seems.

      I’ll see about finding you in WS the next time I play. Probably Saturday morning. We shall see….

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