[FFXIV] More Glamour

I planned to keep that outfit from my last post for a week to decide if i really liked it or not, but after only 2 days I was going “Nope. . . ”  So I went with the next idea I’d had which was to use the Panegyrist’s set but with a different leg piece.  The result:


Panegyrist Set with Black Lady’s Knickers

It turned out pretty well, but I think I need to find a skirt of some kind.  The set’s shorts are too long, and these are too short.  I’ll come up with something.  Eventually.


Me with my new mount

In other news, a co-worker bought a game on Amazon that was part of the current promo and he knows I play, so he gave me his promo codes.  Thanks Mike!  My daughter’s loving the “Original Fat Chocobo” but she called the Maid costume “funny clothes” and changed right back out of that.


My daughter trying out the maid outfit and her new mount

Happy gaming out there!

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