[FFXIV] The Crafting Rabbit Hole

Yes, I have fallen down it….


This picture is from yesterday, so the numbers don’t quite match the text of the post. But yeah… crafting classes are coming up now.

So there I was, going through my usual “it’s fun and I care enough to log in daily to cap out my Lore tomes, but not so much that I feel really actively engaged in the game anymore” motions when I thought to myself “Self, there’s a whole set of advancement/progression I could still be doing in Crafting, and you kinda liked it when you 1st started playing, so why not give it another go?”


A selfie my daughter took of her new favorite outfit and new favorite mount.

Yeah…… that happened.  I looked up some guides and they all said to get Culinarian to level 37 in order to get Steady Hand II skill as it makes the early leveling a lot easier for all the other classes, so even though I had Weaver at 22 and a couple other classes in the teens, I started CUL from level 1.  for the 1st 15 levels I just did each recipe in my book since the 1st creation gives about double xp, then at 15 I started doing the leve quests.  I didn’t always do High Quality turn-ins (which give double xp) so I wasn’t as efficient as I could have been.  And honestly, when I did do HQ turn-ins it was usually becuz the item was available relatively cheaply on the Market Board since level-appropriate recipes tend to be hard to get higher than about a 20% chance of doing an HQ craft on anyway.  Still and all, between the market board and leve turn-ins, I feel like I bought my way from 15 to 38 on Culinarian before running out of leve allowances.


Another of her selfies — this one while exploring the decor of the houses in Mist

I also unlocked the Ixal quests in there.  They’re not as annoying as the Sylphs, but it’s still a bit weird feeling to have to change jobs for a combat portion of the quest, then return to an NPC and change back to a crafting job in order to make the item they want.  What *is* annoying is that they then want you to craft an HQ item for them while hamstrung with only being allowed half your CP total.  On the bright side they’re easy crafts with low amounts of quality increases needed to be able to get a decent chance at an HQ item, and it’s all free to you for materials and whatnot, but on the downside…. why you no let me just craft and instead give me artificial handicaps?


She occasionally will put on her “Dragon Dress” and fly around with the dragons at Anyx Trine still

Anyway…..  Since all my classes were ranging from level 1-22 and that 22 was Weaver and crafting gear tends to be cloth I crafted a lot of stuff for myself to use while leveling up the crafting.  A least for up to level 22 what I can craft as a weaver, anyway.  There’s also some Goldsmithing for jewelry and Leatherworking for gloves, chokers, and boots, and then of course some of the components in the recipes come from Alchemists, and the Blacksmith makes most of the tools, but the Armorer makes the ingots you need, and I decided to say “screw it” to the guides that say “Do Culinarian to 37, then Carpenter to 50 for its awesome skill, then Weaver to 50, then Alchemist to 50, and then the order doesn’t matter after that” and just level them all up more or less simultaneously.  So all my crafting classes are 21-22 now, except I am focusing a bit on Carpenter so it’s up at 31, and Culinarian’s at 40 since being higher level it can easily do HQ turn-ins for the GC crafting quests  that tend to want level 18-25 stuff and thus get double xp for those.

Then of course in order to not make it so I’m having to buy HQ mats off the Market Board since they tend to cost a mint I’ve also started working on Botanist and Miner again.  Botanist is 21 and Miner is 20.  Fisher is still only 4 or 5 as of yet, but I’ll eventually catch it up too, I suppose.


The “Dragon Dress” while exploring in Mist sometimes too

And on the Lore Gear progression front…. I’ve got all of the left side upgraded to i230 except the helmet and belt now.  Belt is as cheap as accessories, though, so once I have the helmet next week, then the belt and accessories won’t take long after that.  I still need to do Final Steps of Faith and start in on Wiping, er.. Weeping City of Mhach, but.. I think I mentioned a bit of gear apathy up in my 1st paragraph, didn’t I?  I’ll finish them up sooner or later and with the raid even start being able to upgrade my caster i230’s to i240’s.  Eventually.  But nothing I’m doing right now needs gear that high, so i’m kinda “meh” on the whole “must be bleeding edge” front.

Anyway, this is getting long, so I shall end it.  Happy gaming out there!

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  1. I like the fact that crafting and gathering are jobs in their own right with their own play style, economy, and gear. I don’t recall any other MMO I’ve played that gives them that sort of treatment. Certainly there are feature-rich systems such as in EverQuest 2 but it’s a philosophical approach I don’t see replicated elsewhere.

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