[FFXIV] 50 Carpenter! Well, 51…


Ding 50!

Between the Ixal Beast Tribe Quests, the daily Grand Company turn-ins, plus turning in the high-value leve quests with an HQ item to double the value, it didn’t take very long to get to 50 on Carpenter.  Yes, I ended up focusing on the 1 class rather than spreading it around and doing everything simultaneously.  But with that said, I ended up buying a lot of materials, so I’m now a lot more focused on leveling up my harvesting classes so I can just go get what I need instead of paying the exorbitant prices that people charge on the market board — and then I can start charging for materials on the market board myself….


That’s some saw….

But anyway, I hit 50 and due to having spent all my money on buying materials I actually couldn’t afford to begin to try to upgrade my gear.  But then in looking at it, the level 50 “top end” gear is green i70, but at level 51 you can get HQ gear (relatively) cheaply that is i65 and has very similar stats.  So that meant I wanted to look at getting to 51 asap.  The new recipes that unlocked have a high degree of difficulty for a fresh 50 — I was literally only able to advance progress on them else I’d fail.  No chance to increase quality at all.  I read a guide that said hitting 51 removes that penalty, so taking that with the possibility for big gear upgrades and that was big incentive to keep leveling past 50.


It’s just the temporary one for a quest, but soon…. soon….

I headed off to see the Moogles.  The 1st 3 quests they gave me were all very easy combines and got me more than halfway to 51, plus unlocked the 2nd reputation level and got me 3 more quests to do.  This got me up to 51  and then some, so that was nice.  I’ve got quite a bit farther to go to get 52 or the 2nd level of reputation with the Moogles, though.  But it will still happen this week sometime.


The i215 Monk set from all the daily experts that I’m still running.

In the meantime, since I only used 6 of my 12 allowances for Beast Tribes on the Moogles, I also hit up the Ixal and did my remaining 6 quests for them as a Weaver.  I figure if I get it up there then I’ll maybe be able to craft my own gear.  We’ll see.  And of course, after doing that, I burned my leve allowances on the harvesting classes so I can try to keep them at parity with what materials the Weaver will need.

It’s definitely a rabbit hole, but I find I’m actually enjoying it a lot more this time than when I 1st started playing the game.  We’ll see if it sticks, especially once I start trying to do collectibles and scrips and specializations……

Happy gaming out there!

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