[FFXIV] Crafting Continues Apace


Taken this morning, so it’s actually current as of the time of writing

I’ve continued along with the Ixal quests as a Weaver and gotten it up to 30.  After a fashion.  I accept the quests as Carpenter, do them very very easily as Carpenter, then swap to Weaver and turn them in, and net all the XP as though I’d done them as Weaver all along…..  Cheesy, but hey, it works so there we go.  Doing the 3 (sometimes 6 if I go up a rank with them) Moogle quests is getting me a little over 700K XP per day (690-ish for the quests, and about 40-70K for the required crafting), so that’s leveling my Carpenter up through the 50-60 levels very quickly (currently 55) and with no required materials nor grinding.


I was glad I caught this shot. I like all the colors from the smoke bombs going of.

If I continue going like this and using the Ixal tribe quests to level the lower classes then I also don’t require any materials for them either.  It actually kinda makes this whole thing feel really cheesy, but then I’m really only doing the crafting for my own personal “I wanna feel like I’m advancing my character again” and not becuz I plan to go nuts with it and try to make lots of money or anything.  Not that I’d be averse to it, but…. in an FC convo the other night one of the FC’s crafters said he’s never really made much from his crafting, and I know I’ve been spending a lot trying to keep my gear current and whatnot, so I’m now looking for cheaper options for the leveling and if I can cheese the mechanics on the Ixal quests to get everything to 50 with no real cost anymore, then I’m happy to do that.


Rank 8 with all 5 ARR Beast Tribes. Go me!

Speaking of the Ixal quests, i got them up to rank 7 and then this opened up a new quest chain for me that had me run around to all the beast tribes and it ended up unlocking a rank 8 for all 5 of the ARR tribes.  I had no idea that was even possible, so it was a nice little bonus.  It only seemed to unlock an additional wind-up minion from each tribe’s vendor, but it was still a fun story for the quest chain.


Night fishing near Limsa Lominsa makes for a pretty screenie

If you were paying attention to the top screenshot, you’ll also see that in spite of me calling Fishing boring in my last post, I’m working on leveling it up also.  It feels like it takes a long time on each cast, but since I don’t have to constantly be running node to node like I do for the other 2 gatherers, it’s probably about the same amount of time overall.  Plus since it’s still only the 2 buttons and there’s an audible cue for the need to hit the “reel it in” I can be reading stuff on my other screen while fishing in the game.  After working through a stack of bait I’ve usually got enough fish to do some leve turn-ins with HQ fish also, so that helps to speed up the process.  I’ve gone from level 11 Fisher to 24 in only a few hours over this past weekend, so….. I still find the fishing itself to be pretty boring, but it’s also satisfying to feel like it’s leveling up.  Yes you rat, here’s your cheese for pushing the button!


The /visor command turns the “flame” on the horns on and off. Neat effect.

So anyway…. progress feels quite rapid both on the Carpenter in the HW levels and also on the other lower-level classes too.  And with the daily Expert running I’m doing I got enough Lore tomes to fill out my left-side appearance slots for the tank jobs anymore, though one could argue that I should spend the 300 tomes on the Paladin’s shield as well, and then after that have just the belt and the right-side to go …

Happy gaming out there!

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  1. Congrats on your crafting progression! My last two classes are level 58 and 59, so I’m getting there. Before Moogle quests, leveling crafting was so, so painful.

    I’ve also never made much off of my crafters — I’ve spent more money to gear them up than I’ve ever made profit. Gathering does provide a bit of money, but I tend not to spend my time out gathering just for money when I play.

    • Right now I’m following the fishing leveling guide over at ffxiv.consolegameswiki.com and I’m finding that I’m leveling quite fast using that without doing a ton of leves, and this leaves me a lot of fish left over when I move on to the next 5-level chunk. The fish from the prior levels then is actually selling rather well on the market board.

      I also found that when I was getting Armorer up into the low 20’s that the level 15-ish bronze tank armor would sell for a decent amount and within a day of me putting it up also. Low-level tanks are starving for HQ gear it seems….. And I can already easily HQ the bronze set from NQ materials bought at the tradeskill supplier/housing vendor for next to nothing, so that might be a market niche I could look into cornering. Sure, I won’t be making millions per day, but it would still be decent daily amount, I would think.

      And to give you an idea of how fast the fishing is coming…. that screenie was taken yesterday morning at about 7:30 AM. Today at 7:30 AM my fisher was 30, so yeah… 6 levels in 1 day and I think I spent maybe 2 hours working on it.

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