[FFXIV] Again with the Surprising Myself



In this past week of FFXIV, I’ve been doing the full daily allotment of Moogle and Ixal quests to level my crafting jobs, but no grinding or anything, so I didn’t think I’d gotten them all that far until I looked at the screenshot I took of my job levels today and compared it to the one I posted last week. Carpenter from 55 to 58, Goldsmith from 22 to 23, Alchemist from 22 to 23, and Culinarian from 40 to 47.  I’d started leveling the bottom jobs 1 at a time so I could get them all to parity and then level them up simultaneously, but then realized that once I got Carpenter to 60 I’d be leaving a lot of XP on the table if I didn’t have another class at 50 to take over doing the Moogle quests, so I started focusing all the Ixal quest turn-ins on Culinarian due to it already being close to 50.  But anyway… I’m still surprised at how much progress I’ve made doing what feels to me to be so little.


Skyfishing during a blizzard

For the Disciples of the Land I’ve done the daily GC turn-ins for Miner and Botanist, is all, and focused all my effort on Fisher.  As a result I’ve gotten Miner from 30 to 33, Botanist from 31 to 35, and Fisher from 24 to 56.  Yeah, the “boring” fisher class went up 32 levels in 1 week.  It’s actually pretty quick to level simply by grinding, plus if you follow the guides and grind at the holes that give the fish that the leve quests want, you can then turn in a whole bunch of leves all at once and suddenly find you’ve gotten a couple of “bonus” levels.  After getting in to Heavensward and being able to fish for Collectible ones that can give a further large boost to xp gain, and do it all while catching up on my reading on the other screen becuz my button setup is literally “press 2 to cast, wait until you hear the creak and hit 3 to reel the fish in” and I don’t even have to move or look at the screen, so… lots of reading while leveling up fisher too.  I tried watching movies, but found it too easy to miss the audible cue if I did that, so… reading is still a good thing.  Of course I’m finding that fish don’t really seem to sell well on the market board, and I really don’t know what I’ll be trying to do with Fisher once I get it to 60, but hey.  Advancement is advancement, is it not?


My daughter saw this mount in Idyllshire and took a shot of it. I have no idea what it is. I’m guessing maybe the mentor mount?

With my daily expert runs I got enough Lore tomes this week to be able to not only buy the tanking belt that works for all 3 tank jobs, but I also was able to buy the shield for the Paladin.  I thought about getting that last, but the bright silver, gold, and purple color combo on it was clashing with the red and black of the rest of the set and it was pretty jarring, so I just did it and pushed back the finishing of the right-side jewelry by a week.  No biggie, since I don’t really ever tank so I’m not in any rush to finish gearing the role up, just doing it for something to do, ya know?


My daughter loves her “squirrel”

I still haven’t gone in to the Palace of the Dead yet.  I will eventually.  I happened to be using Quarrymill as my base of operations for fishing when that patch dropped, so it was a bit of a surprise to log in after the maintenance and actually hear crowd noise and see this scene at 6 AM on a Tuesday:


The crowds in Quarrymill

Still and all, I’m much more focused on my crafting jobs right now instead of the Palace of the Dead.  I’ll get in there soon enough and start getting all my jobs outfitted with i235 weapons.  But that time is not yet…..

Happy gaming out there!

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  1. Congrats on progress!

    That mount is the Palace of the Dead mount. 🙂

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