[FFXIV] A bit of this, a bit of that


My Whisper-Go mount from the Yo-kai Watch event

While crafting is currently still my main focus in FFXIV, I took some time out this past weekend to smell the roses, so to speak.  The Yo-kai Watch  crossover event started on Tuesday and I did an hour-ish of FATE grinding that morning, which was enough to get my enough tokens to buy 3 pets beyond the 1st, plus got me 3 legendary tokens toward my 1st weapon.  I didn’t do any more FATEs until the weekend, but then did them … not really in earnest, but enough that I now have all the minions and thus the mount that goes with that.  I’ve gotten 3 of the weapons now also, and this week I’ll sporadically go after FATEs to try to get the 4th.  This weekend also marks the beginning of a week-long “relaxing style” vacation at my family’s cabin in Idaho where I have internet and I’ll have a lot of free time in the week, so… maybe I’ll even get all the weapons and the glowie mount.  We shall see.


The 1st Yo-kai Watch weapon I got due to randomly choosing a pet to use.

As I was buying up some of the minions I called my daughter over to see since she really likes the minions and loves to have them out and following her character around as she explores.  Just as I was turning in the tokens to get the next minion she said “That character next to you has a Yo-kai Watch pet.”  And I felt really old, becuz I’d never heard of Yo-kai Watch before the event was announced, and she could instantly tell that the pets were from it and seem a bit blase about it as she did so.  Kids these days, I tell you…


Floor 10 complete!

I also ran the 1st 10 floors of the new Palace of the Dead twice with some FC-mates who wanted to check it out — once as a Scholar and once as a White Mage and yawn… I think I cast maybe 4 heals the entire time and all due to landmine traps, not monster fighting.  I’d seen somewhere that Summoner can solo in there pretty well, so I deleted one of the save slots and started a solo run.  I made it to floor 20 and was doing pretty well against the boss until I forgot that bee and hornet type mobs have Final Sting and on the 2nd set of adds I let my pet go back on the boss instead of helping on the 2nd wasp and… yeah, oops.  Still, I’ve got 11/9 for my weapon and armor rating so far and even on floor 19 the silver chests were saying I was at cap, so I’ll have to see about maybe using the Duty Finder to get a run that goes all the way or something.   It was quick and fun in the floors I did, so I’ll happily go back and do it some more.


Current progress

The crafting’s still coming along.  Carpenter hit 60, Culinarian’s working through the 50-60 levels with the Moogles now and in the interest of being able to make my own tools for the gathering classes I’m focusing on Blacksmith next.  I’m hoping to catch up soon-ish as HQ tools either cost a mint or aren’t even available in the upper 30’s and the leve quests I’m doing tend to think I’m a bit low on my skill as a result.  I still do fine and complete them, but it seems like it’s a touch harder/more annoying than it should be and I think having the level-appropriate HQ tools will be a big help for that.


My retainer brought me this really nice-looking DK sword for glamouring

So anyway, that’s where I’m at now.  Even though Blaugust is “chill” this year, I chose not to sign up for it, as I did the 31 posts in 31 days thing last year and found that I didn’t care to post more than once a week or so.  I know I’m a bit dry in my posts and simply report progress more than anything, don’t really talk about the grand ideas of meta-gaming or whatever, and i’m happy enough doing that, so… I didn’t feel the need to join in with Blaugust this year.  Which isn’t to say that I won’t share my post links in the Blaugust Nook, but I do that as a matter of course anyway 😉

Happy gaming out there!


My daughter found someone who’s already done all the weapon grinding

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