[FFXVI] Moonfire Faire 2016


Go Go Posing Rangers!

This year’s Moonfire Faire has kicked off again.  It’s still in Costa Del Sol and geared toward level 30-ish, but other than that it’s completely different than last year’s event.

This year they’re spoofing on the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.  The quests are kinda cute and don’t take long, plus there are 2 FATEs as part of it that are very easy and respawn quickly.  These FATEs also award the event’s token currency so are a good way to farm up those.

Not that you really need to.  The glamour armor costs a total of 12 tokens, and I got 9 just from running the event’s story quest and completing the FATEs as part of it.  3 more will get my last piece.  The 6 poses you can get cost a total of 15 tokens, so that won’t take long to get, and then as far as I’m concerned the event will be over.  And then I can get back to FATE grinding for Yo-Kai weapons….. 😉

Happy Gaming out there!

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  1. I had a lot of fun with this one. Poses are great, too! 🙂

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