[FFXIV] Marking Time


Remember prior posts saying I’d be willing to pay for Y’shtola’s Heavenward outfit if it became available? Well….. yeah, I did. Worth it!

I’m back into my “care enough to log in daily, but not really sure why” phase.  I like that I feel like I’m advancing my character by working on the crafting and gathering classes, but I also know I don’t plan to actually do anything with either once they’re all capped out.  As it is…. 60 Blacksmith, 60 Miner, 60 Botanist, and 51 Weaver have all been achieved since my last post, so… things are definitely coming along.


All my job levels as of last night

Still and all… I’m geared up on Summoner, and since Black Mage shares that gear also on that class even though I don’t do the BLM thing anymore.  I’m also geared up on all 3 tank jobs, but find that I prefer Paladin for that.  Sure, I’ve still only got the i200 weapon and so should probably run some Palace of the Dead to get its i235 one, but since I’m holding aggro against dps in full i240 gear in the Duty Finder (even when stupidly forgetting to go back into Shield Oath after swapping to Sword for the 1st “boss” in Hullbreaker Hard — yes, I was *that* tank.  At least until I realized why I was actually having to work for aggro and blow more cooldowns to help the healer than normal and swapped back to Shield…. ) I don’t really feel the need.  Due to this “semi-apathy, my daily routine is pretty much “log in, do the 3 Moogle quests for whichever crafter is in the 50-59 range, then teleport to North Shroud and grab the 9 highest level Ixal quests.  Run those on one of my level 60 crafters, then swap to my “currently leveling” class for the turn-ins for 1-2 levels per day from that, swap to Paladin and queue up for an insta-pop Expert roulette” and… there you go.  All done. and it took maybe 90 minutes.


I never actually looked at the sankchini mobs as an adventurer, but when needing to stealth past them as a gatherer I took the opportunity. I never realized they had a face.

I was using the weekends to run gathering leves.  Oddly enough, once past level 50 those became easier than before.  Prior to 50 you needed full setsd of HQ gear and food in order to have an 85% chance of getting your “easy” evaluation leve target, which you could make 100% with a spend of 100 GP.  Post 50 the leves would give 87-93% base chance with just normal quality gear.  Sure, I still needed to spend the GP for the 100% chance to make it easy to cap out my xp gain per leve quest, but I didn’t have to worry about making or buying the expensive HQ gear anymore, at least.


During the Nidhogg fight

I finally bothered to complete the 3.3 (3.35? ) story line this past weekend, so I’ve now seen all the cutscenes that … well, they did warn it would take a while  But the “journey of remembrance” really felt like they were padding it out unnecessarily.  The Nidhogg trial was quite fun.  Wiped on the 1st try but we’d gotten him to phase 3 and it was due to one of the healer’s having a problem with his mouse.  He changed his batteries, and 2nd try wasn’t a problem at all.  Go go duty finder group!


Nidhogg down… er.. up…. er…. whatever. The fight was done!

I guess this means I should actually try Weeping City sooner or later here…  Maybe this weekend.  We shall see.


I liked this “bird flower” that these people made in Idyllshire, so… screenie…

Happy gaming out there!

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  1. Looking good! Congrats on taking down Nidhogg! 🙂

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