[FFXIV] The Danger of Alts

ffxiv_10282016_192328This weekend, I ran through the Halloween event with my daughter’s character in order to get her the minion (she loves bats and pumpkins, so a minion that combines the 2?  Yeah, she wanted it…) and while I was in Gridania I saw one of the purple “unlock” quests in the adventurer’s guild.  and it had a name that sounded Halloween-y, so I grabbed it and oh right… the Palace of the Dead unlock.  And since I was already there and haven’t done much PotD on my own character, I did a “Why not?” and queued up.  Ran through to floor 40 in a matched group and we were getting Accursed Hoard drops left and right.

ffxiv_10282016_203715So after getting out at floor 4 I talked to the bishop NPC and turned in the Hoard items and… Red Panda minion!  Way too cute.  And my daughter loves it so much that she spent most of the rest of the weekend running around Mist with it out.

I thought it only dropped from Nidhogg in the Aery, though in all my runs of that dungeon I can’t say I’ve ever seen it even drop to roll on, much less won a roll.  But now I know there’s an alternate way to get it….  I think I’ll be running more PotD on my own character a lot more going forward.  Plus I want that neat looking flying statue mount, so… yeah.  Definitely will have to run it more.

ffxiv_10302016_083649On my own character this weekend I finished up the 3.4 MSQ, the new primal fight, and even started working my way through the latest Alexander series.  I’ve only done A9N so far, but I plan to get up through A12N so I can start working toward getting my i260 weapon.  and maybe I’ll do enough PotD to get my other classes their i235’s, at least.  Most of them are still stuck down at i200.  This shall change!  Eventually…

Happy gaming out there!

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