[FFXIV] Outside My Comfort Zone


I did enough with my squadron to get my 1st Lieutenant promotion.  Go me!

I’m not real big on raiding in any MMO anymore.  I did it for a time in EQ2, but now?  Nah.  I still haven’t even done Weeping City.  I’m not fond of Primal fights either.  But with all that said…. FFXIV gates getting weapons behind the 8-man raids.  I got my i230 weapon as a Summoner a while back by running the Alexander 8 Normal the minimum 7 times that were needed and never went back.  Now that we have the new Tomes of Scripture with an i260 weapon….. it’s time to repeat the process, but with Alexander 12 Normal instead.


This is the last piece I need to complete the Dragoon set, and I rolled a 97! Yay!… Oh wait….. dangit!

This past weekend I began the process.  I’d done Alex 9N within the 1st week or so of the 3.4 patch coming out, but hadn’t bothered to go back and unlock floors 10-12.  But this time I did.  Finished out the time travel story from doing it and…. eh.  I’m really not that into MMO stories.  Never have been.  I know I’ve played FFIV and FFVII all the way through, but I remember absolutely none of their story.  I didn’t care for the story for any of the classes in SWTOR, and even in TSW I skipped most of the cutscenes. /end digression


My daughter loves to take selfies with her firefox on her shoulder. (Yes, a red panda is called a firefox — look it up! )

So anyway, I watched MrHappy’s guide for floor 10, then queued up for it.  I died at one point from getting knocked back onto a button on the floor which calls down a big mace from the ceiling to smash you.  I thought I’d moved out of the impact area, but….. nope.  I was a little embarrassed, as I was the only death for that whole fight, but we won, so… it worked out.


Riding the airship during Floor 10.

Watched the Floor 11 guide.  The off-tank messed this one up and didn’t move away from the group when he got targeted with the big AE, so that was a wipe.  On the 2nd attempt we lost a healer at one point, but since I can battle-rez as a Summoner I got her back up and we pulled out the whole thing.  And I got a lot of commendations for bringing the healer back so the other healer could keep the tank up which overall enabled us to finish.  that was nice.  I actually kinda liked this fight, with needing to jump up on the airship and whatnot.


From the cutscene prior to floor 12

And finally I watched the Floor 12 video, then queued up.  I think I died twice in this fight.  Once about the 40% mark, and then again right at the end, then he went down, so I got credit, even though I was dead when it happened.  And I got the 1st of the 7 gears I’ll need to trade in for the tomestone in 6 more weeks.


I won the roll on the Alex minion!

I liked the Alex floors 10-12 enough that I actually went back and did A9N again and managed to score bolt, so that was good for an i250 ring.  I guess leaving my comfort zone can be good for stuff from time to time…


Alex after it’s all done. Supposedly he will fade away over time now. It will be interesting to see if he actually does as the patches continue to roll out.

I did a little bit more on working on leveling my last 3 crafting jobs.  Well… I’m focused on Alchemist right now, so… worked on that one.  I’m not doing 9 Ixal and 3 Moogles quests each day anymore, just the weekends, but…. progress is still progress.  I just feel a little silly for having bought 3 more pieces of the Ironworks crafting gear for about 1.5 million gil apiece and then finding out that there’s crafted HQ i250 weapons for the combat jobs, but they’re tending to go for about 2.5 million gil right now, but I’d spent myself down to almost nothing on the crafting gear that I’m really only buying to make a cohesive look for the set, not becuz I care about crafting.  Ah well… my i230 book is still sufficient until I can save up enough gil again.

Speaking of gear, my Expert run this morning got me enough tomes to finish off my left side in the new i260 gear.  My overall average is i245 now, so that’s nice too.  Not that you can see it becuz I’ve glamoured it all and you’ve already see what I look like so… no screenie of that.  😉

Happy gaming out there!


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  1. Not liking MMO/RPG stories is one thing but skipping the cut scenes in TSW is like going to the cinema then sitting in the lobby listening to the movie through the wall. The cut scenes *are* TSW! You surely weren’t playing for the combat?

    • I watched the actual story missions, just none of that “action” or investigation or anything. For the most part. As I was working through finishing off the skill wheel I did certain missions often enough that I would sometimes watch their scenes just to alleviate the mission repetitiveness.

      Even so, I still never got into any of the story at all. I see people talking about ffeeling really sad about some of the Transylvanian stories, or talking about how the main story blew their minds, and whatnot and I just go “Meh, I read 1-2 sci-fi/fantasy novels a week. MMO stories just don’t compare.”

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