[FFXIV] Still Plugging Away


Not a bad time to finish for a PUG. Less than 14 minutes…

I’m still plugging away in FFXIV.  Mostly anymore it’s 5 Expert runs a week to cap out tomes, plus a run of each floor of Alex 9-12 Normal to get the tokens for the i250 gear from that, plus the weekly token toward the i260 weapon.


Getting there!

Of course I’m now torn.  I bought the i250 weapon for my Summoner job already, and I have enough gil saved up again that I could buy the Paladin’s sword, and the stat differences between the i250 and i260 weapons are quite small, so in theory I could could just buy an i260 healer weapon and have good-to-excellent weapons for 3 roles then.  Of course I’m a ways off from completing the i260 sets for tank and healer since I’m still working on the caster one, but I’ve already gotten quite a bit of i250 tank gear from the Alex runs, so…… that’s honestly just fine to run a daily expert, I think.  It’s not like I wasn’t running them with i230, after all…..



Question:  Is there anything to do with your Grand Company Squadron once you’ve leveled them all up to their cap of 50?  I have no idea.

I’ve done a bit more ESO on the weekends also, but this past weekend I was mostly helping a friend cut down 4 diseased trees in his backyard so… other than that my Champion Points feel like they’re shooting up fast, I’m still just kinda dinking around.  Still haven’t seriously looked into Orsinium, Thieves’ Guild, or the Assassin’s Guild stuff yet.  I’ll get there eventually.


Nobody really wanted it, I guess.

Anyway, Happy Gaming out there!

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  1. Congrats on your progress! I’m in the same boat… which is why you don’t see me blogging very much about FFXIV lately. Otherwise, you’d be reading “I ran an expert. I ran another expert. Why do I never get the Library anymore? Oh, another expert! Yay! I got a pair of pants!” XD

    I’ll be kinda glad to take a break from expert running once I outfit my Dragoon. I don’t know if I have the motivation to gear my other jobs after so many weeks of expert. But then I tell myself that I actually don’t mind this pair of dungeons, and the two they introduce next time will probably be a pain in the butt… so I’ll end up kicking myself if I don’t gear up while I can!

    • With the Lore tomes I’d fully outfitted Caster, Tank, and Healer before they introduced Scripture tomes. I’m now almost done with Caster, and tank is relatively close to full i250 from Alex Normal runs, so I may end up working on the healer set next.

      I’m still getting Lore tomes from the expert runs, so I’ve got Bard/Machinist up to full i230 now and they share jewelry with Ninja, so I’m now working its left side. Then I’ll just have Dragoon and Monk to get to i230, and they also share right-side, so… it’s more a “I’m doing it since I’m logging in each day anyway” kind of thing, not becuz I care about using the jobs, but… hey, progress is progress, and I *do* enjoy my time in the game, so there is that.

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