[FFXIV] Tales from the Duty Finder

So there we are running Xelphatol.  We’ve just finished the 1st trash pack after the 1st boss when the tank says “What’s up with the trolling?”

Naturally the healer, the other dps (a Black Mage) and I all say some variation of “What do you mean?”  And the tank says “You’re both using Blizzard 2.”

Which wasn’t true.  The BLM was only using Fire 2 from range, she never ran in to use B2 — only I was doing that.  And I said so.  And he said “You shouldn’t do that!”  So I said “It’s my only spammable AE, of course I *should* use it on trash while waiting for my 10s CD AE’s to recharge.”

He then went on to accuse me of not using Deathflare either, when I’d cast it in every fight we’d had so far, plus 5 times on the 1st boss.  I told him he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, the mobs were dying, so who cares, and let’s move on.  So we did.  And in the very next fight he slacked off a little, so I pulled aggro off of him doing the exact same things I’d been doing before.  Which made him realize that I was right behind him in aggro and not slacking or trolling after all.

Still, I can’t help but wonder what he was/wasn’t seeing so as to accuse me of not using all my tools.  Ya really wonder sometimes, ya know?


Throwing this out there:  If Red Mage is even half so cool as it looks from the teaser video, it’s going to be my new main…..

Happy gaming out there!

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  1. Meh. Typical duty finder.

    I’m with you on Red Mage. Really want it to be my new main. Just hope they don’t make it too over-complex.

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