[FFXIV] Sohm Al (Hard)


Sohm Al (Hard)!!!

Patch 3.5 is out now, which means new dungeons.  I got on this morning and grabbed the unlock quest for Sohm Al (Hard) and then queued up for it.  I then started into the MSQ to see how far I’d get toward unlocking the 2nd dungeon there also — but the answer to that is “not far” due to the queue popping nice and quick since everyone and their dog is also doing the new stuff.

The group was a Paladin, a Scholar, me, and a 2nd Summoner.  Arcanists for the win!  None of us had been through yet, so the Paladin did “small pulls” of only single groups.  For the trash before the 1st boss this won’t continue — that trash is quite easy and doesn’t do anything special, and the same goes for between the 1st and 2nd bosses as well, but between the 2nd and 3rd bosses I think small pulls will be the way to go as each group has all 4 members do some pretty spicy unavoidable simultaneous AE (think the Baboulas fight in Great Gubal Library (Hard)), so having the smaller pulls will be necessary just to survive.


The lava worms after the split.

Other than that AE stuff in the last sets of trash packs, the only notable thing about the trash is the lava worm which splits into 2 more worms after you kill it, and I guess is a sort of mini-boss since they give you a chest for loot right there too.  But yeah, as usual the trash is no big deal at all.


1st Boss — Behemoth-y thing

1st boss was kinda odd looking at 1st, but before long I could see that it’s a tweaked re-skin of the Behemoth monster model.  It was almost a tank and spank.  He stands up periodically and does unavoidable AE, and he drops some things on the ground that you don’t want to be close to, and there are a couple of proximity meteor drops that do mild damage, but they’re all pretty rare, so… Black Mages will like this fight.


2nd Boss with a non-telegraphed breath weapon attack

The 2nd boss looked kinda lizardman-y.  He was also very movement-light.  His big thing was that he does a lot of non-ground-telegraphed attacks, so you have to watch his animations to know when to move.  Also very easy.


Final boss is simply named “lava scorpion.” Before we started, I commented to the group that I thought it must be a pre-cursor to the actual boss due to the generic name, but no… this was it.

Final boss — he’s a bit spicy and learning how to deal with the lava he drops on the floor and the adds he calls took us a few tries, but we got him.  Biggest things for him:

He periodically does a “Deadly Thrust” tankbuster that the tank needs to use a cooldown on.


About to lose the arena edges

Pretty early on he makes the arena smaller.  There are already lines in the arena so you can see where it’s going to go away right at the start of the fight.  It’s also a long telegraph, so very easy to avoid.

He calls adds after using “Hiss.”  The “claw” adds will explode and drop a lava puddle that grows over time so they’re the focus.  They don’t appear to aggro on anyone, just go to a spot and get ready to blow up.  The “tail” adds do a fairly decent amount of damage to dps if the tank doesn’t pick them up.  They all spawn right at the boss after the Hiss, so a couple of AE aggro things (Flash, Unleash, Overpower) should pick them up ok.

He’s also got a jump attack that does about 10K damage to whoever it hits (red marker over the head indicates his target) that drops a lava puddle on the ground that never goes away, and increases in size over time.  1st time we tried this fight, we didn’t realize it would do that, so since we’d spread out eventually we really didn’t have any safe spaces to stand anymore due to the lava covering the entire arena.  On later runs we’d just go stand on 1 side of the arena so the puddles would overlap and grow into each other over there, which left us a lot more movement space for the end of the fight.

He’s also got a few close-in attacks that would be something for melees to avoid.  One is a ring that you can just step into his hitbox to avoid.  Another is one that he does a circle minus a small cone to his rear, followed immediately by a circle with a small cone to his front, so melee and tank need to just step through him into the safe areas.  Shouldn’t be too big a deal for any experienced player.


Got him!


It took us… I think 4 tries, maybe 5, but we eventually go it.  The dungeon drops i245 gear now, so it’s better than the old Lore stuff, so greed on everything to outfit your alt-jobs farther than the old i230 Lore tome stuff. 😉

I’ve also started working my crafting jobs up again.  I want the “bragging rights” of having everything be 60 on my character sheet.  And not even really bragging rights, more of a personal goal.  Since I tend to focus more on the Blacksmith job I bought the i195 hammer for that job.  When I 1st equipped it, it showed stowed on my back and it was huge:


Big Hammer

I was looking forward to laughing at the outsized hammer when actually using it, but… when “drawn” it’s much more normal sized.  Oh well.


That’s more normal…

Happy gaming out there!

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  1. Thanks for the details on the dungeon. I’ve been at work all day and haven’t had any time to dive into the new patch, but this doesn’t sound too bad. Nice to see the gear drops are 245 in there. I still have plenty of jobs that need gearing up.

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