[FFXIV] Waiting for Stormblood


My new tank glamour

As was noted yesterday over at Massively Overpowered, the next 3 months of waiting for Stormblood to come out are going to be rough — not becuz the game isn’t fun or anything, but becuz we know changes are coming and we want to see them right now!  I’m still not much of one for caring about the story, but I am very interested in the combat revamp to see if it makes it to where I can enjoy playing my beloved Black Mage job again, and I am also very interested in checking out the Red Mage job.  I’m not so interesting in Samurai simply due to me not really being a melee dps player, but I will absolutely grab it and level it along with my other jobs anyway.  It will be sharing monk gear, so I’ll level those 2 more or less at the same time, as is my wont, in order to reduce the amount of extra gear in the bags.  Though with the inventory space increase they said they’re giving us, that might not actually be a big deal.  Time will tell.


Almost there……

So far as my in-game goals go, I only have Armorer left to level, and I’ve already got it to 51, so about 2 more weeks of daily Moogle quests should do it, then I’ll have everything to 60.  I’m still working the Scripture Tome set for my tank jobs — still need head, hands, and feet for the left side, plus a couple of right side pieces.  I’ve got my micro-tomestone for a 260 weapon again, but still need 1 more of Rowena’s token.  I could have gotten the Paladin’s sword already, but I’ve decided that I’d really rather tank as a Warrior, so I’m planning to get the big axe instead.  Tomorrow……


My new FC’s house in Mist

The new FC I joined a month or so ago wasn’t working out for me — it was very small, so given my odd hours of playtime, I still wan’t generally able to do anything with them, so I joined the one of the largest FC’s on Cactuar instead — Mysidia <MYST>  They seem to always have at least 15 (and usually closer to 30) people online at any given time, and I’ve done several dungeon runs with FC groups already, so that’s been a lot of fun.  I haven’t done any of the harder content or anything, but I’m sure that will come.


I finally got my 1000 instances done, but I’m missing a lot of things to be able to actually run mentor roulette, so.. eventually. Maybe.

Since I’ve leveled all these crafting classes up, I plan to make some HQ gear for 50-58 for the 2 new jobs, since I’ve long sold off anything below 60 and to make my own will simply cost me time and effort, rather than gil.  And it will pass the time, and might even get me to learn a little more about crafting.  I have yet to ever earn a scrip or anything, so maybe I’ll finally figure out what to do for that.

Still and all…. as much as I am enjoying the game, there’s a definite sense of marking time until the expansion drops, so…. we’ll see if I end up in that apathetic phase I’ve been in before.

Happy gaming out there!


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