[FFXIV] A Stormblood Picture Post

I don’t think I’m being spoiler-y here, but I’ll put this in as a disclaimer that there might be some stuff here that one might think is a spoiler, so….. there ya go.  Click at your own risk.


Out in the Ruby Sea


This is a cutscene from a quest, but that’s actually a gear set that you can pick up. It drops in the level 63 dungeon. Various colors depending on the job/role. This NPC mixes the tank’s black/red top with the healer’s white/red skirt. Caster is black/purple, and I honestly don’t know what the melees or bard/machinists look like.


One of the new loading screens




Someone had a little fun naming this FATE, don’t you think? You get an achievement and a 3-star Triple Triad card for completing it too.


A scene from the Azim Steppes


Everybody who gets past the MSQ’s level 65 dungeon gets this lovely mount


I picked up this dress in the level 65 dungeon too.  Not from looting it, but as my “end of the dungeon” reward.  Stormblood grants you a pieces of gear for your job/role at the end of every dungeon regardless of the loot that dropped during the run, so you can gear up from dungeons a bit faster if you want to re-run them.  Yes, it’s my current glamour.


Doma Castle in Yanxia


While in a dungeon the other dps player disconnected. While waiting for her to reconnect the tank, healer, and I got in a triangle and started doing the Moogle dance. We were *almost* in sync. And then we chatted a bit during the wait. ‘Twas nice to not have to always be rushing through as fast as possible.


The primal Lakshmi.  Very pretty.  Very evil…..


Now that’s a hole!


Ding 70 Red Mage!


Just prior to the level 70 job quest boss fight. This one was funny in the text leading up to it it’s mentioned in passing that the vilekin behind me spits poison, and was defeated by a red mage 1000 years ago since he took some “powerful antidotes” with him when he fought her. The nas the conversation with the NPC ends she puts in all caps “TAKE SOME ANTIDOTES!!!” So yeah, I took some antidotes. They helped. I took 10, only needed 3, though.


After completing the job quest you get this spiffy outfit.


And this spiffy sword.


This is during an early Samurai job quest. This part here would have been amazing in 3D.


And there’s the dress from the trailer, finally! Apparently it’s an “Ala Mhigan folk dress.” I thought it funny when Alphinaud commented “It’s fitting that you wear it. And it fits you really well.” Pervy little Alphie…. especially since this covers her more than the outfit Tataru gave her at the beginning of the expansion. For all the joking that Minfilia was “midriff Barbie” to me it felt like Lyse took over that role in Stormblood.


And here’s a more detailed look at the dress. Nice punching blade she’s got there too.


Why yes, we *are* recreating the scene from the trailer.


Gee doesn’t this look like a familiar pose?

And there you have it.  I’ve just barely entered the final zone of the expansion, so I’ve still got another story trial and dungeon to do, plus then the 2 “expert dungeons” that will come after, and I might even give a look at doing the 2 Extreme primal fights, as they’re said to be rather easy and many in my FC are already farming them, so I should be able to join into a group with them easily enough.

Hapy gaming out there!

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