[FFXIV] Dungeon Tank Gear 61-65

Hear are some pictures of the completed tank gear sets you get from the level 61, 63, and 65 dungeons.  Ok, the level 65 one isn’t quite complete yet, but close enough 😉


The “Ghost Barque” set from level 61. I never did get the sword and shield, though.


This is the complete “Shisui” set from level 63, including sword and shield


And a closeup of the Shisui set


The level 65 “Nomad” set, including sword and shield. I don’t have the boots, gloves, or helmet yet, but you can certainly see “all of it” due to the chest piece being a robe.

And for miscellany:


My daughter loves the swimming. I haven’t unlocked diving yet on her character, but I’ll need to do that soon, as she’s now wanting to play mine again so she can swim under the Ruby Sea.


Here’s the beginning of the infamous jumping puzzle. . . I’ve not made it up yet. From the videos I’ve watched, I’ve just made it to where it starts getting *really* hard, as opposed to merely annoying.  As an example, in this video, I’ve made it to where he is at the 1:39 mark, but no further.

And there you have it for tonight.  Happy gaming out there!

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