[FFXIV] Dungeon Tank Gear 65, 67, and 70


Okay, this is the actual completed level 65 Nomad set of Fending. Not that much different than the screenie in the other post is it? 😉


The level 67 “Yanxian” set.


Yanxian Sword closeup


Yanxian Shield closeup


I don’t have a screenie of the level 69 set yet as you only have to run it 3x before you hit 70 and then this happens — this is the the level 70 Paladin set awarded after finishing the job quest. As I level my other tank jobs up I’ll complete the level 69 set, I’m sure. Until then, though… I’m not farming the dungeon for gear I don’t need 😛

Forget Red Bull -- Paladin gives you wings!

The infamous “Paladin Wings”


In my other post I said i didn’t have the Ghost Barque paladin sword and board. I was mistaken — overfull unsorted bags will do that to you…. It’s only the Ghost Barque sword, so apparently I won it on a greed roll when doing the Red Mage.


And this is the Ghost Barque Ax for the Warrior job.

In other news…..  Warrior is now level 61 and working toward 70.  And I got my Samurai to 60, so “everything’s 60” again.


Ding 60 Samurai!


And this is what 60 looks like for me as a Samurai


It’s just the HQ gear awarded from the MSQ, but it’s i255, which is quite nice, especially since I as jumping up from about i135…. And it looks good too. Oh yeah… and there’s your proof that “everything’s 60” 😉


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