[FFXIV] More Stormblood Pictures

I leveled the Warrior job to 70 over the weekend, mostly by running and re-running dungeons, just like I did with Paladin.  Dark Knight will be next, as I will then be able to clear all the 60-69 tanking gear out of my bags.  To give an idea of just how much gear I’ve been acquiring — I ran completely out of space.  Full Armory chest, full inventory, and both retainers completely full.  To remedy this, I am now paying $2 more per month so I now have a 3rd retainer.  This helped, but even with that and organizing my bags to make use of the 3rd retainer, I’ve still got less than half my inventory free.  That’s mostly due to the fact that I’m carrying around every dungeon drop I’ve got so that I won’t get duplicates.  Space is already at a premium, so I don’t want dupes clogging up my bags!  And I don’t want to win a roll that someone else might need if I already have the item either.  I’m nice like that.  Anyhow … the title is “pictures” so let’s get to them:


Level 63 Warrior


Closeup of the Ruby Tide Axe


Level 65 Warrior. Interestingly enough, I still had 3 pieces of the Nomad’s set I needed to get. And I got the axe well into level 66 when I was already using a better one, so I only equipped the set’s axe for this screenie and that was it.


Level 67 Warrior. I had this completed set except the axe upon hitting level 67. And on the run where I hit 69 the axe finally dropped, so as with the 65 set, the axe was equipped for the screenie, but never otherwise used.


I don’t have the boots for the level 69 “Xenobian” set yet, but here it is from the legs up.


Closeup of the level 69 axe


Level 69 set on the Paladin


Closeup of the level 69 Paladin sword


Ding 70 Warrior!


Level 70 “AF3” armor and weapon for Warrior


The blue gear (except the axe) is all the i310 stuff. Still need to get the chest piece, but the level 70 “Arhat” chest from dungeon drops works pretty well with it, at least


And the level 70 current appearance for Paladin. This is the i310 sword and shield. I’ll eventually start farming Susano Ex for new weapons. Eventually…


Level 61 Samurai — full Ghost Barque “of Striking” set.


Level 62 Samurai. This is the HQ crafted set that I picked up while doing the MSQ.


This is a really fun boss to fight in Kugane Palace.


I like that HP total. Granted it’s buffed by the “Thrill of Battle” skill, but still….


From here on down, one might think these screenies are spoilers.  I don’t think so, as the event portrayed has always been a foregone conclusion but … whatever.  This is your spoiler warning





I really liked the field of flowers here. Too bad the villain’s in the way


The Ala Mhigan Palace looks lovely


Singing the victory hymn



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