[FFXIV] Dark Knight Surprises Me

Back in Heavensward I leveled up Dark Knight to 60, just ‘cuz, but it never really “spoke to me.”  It seemed functional enough, but it didn’t really seem to have a flow to it that made sense or “clicked” with me.  Not anymore.  I luv me some SB Paladin, but I think Dark Knight gives it a run for its money so far as “feels like a powerful tank” goes.  The only kind of annoying thing is how most skills really need to have Dark Arts applied to be good, and DA uses about 1/3 of your mana pool.  Siphon Strike restores an identical amount, though, but it makes it very much that Dark Knight tends to be “Hard Slash | Siphon Strike | Dark Arts | Skill You Wanted to Use” as its rotation when tanking, with that “skill you wanted” being either Abyssal Drain if doing trash mobs in AE, or SoulEater if doing single-target on a boss.  The actual aggro combo is maybe used once to start a boss fight, but pretty much not any other time.  And quite frankly, most of the “situational” skills aren’t really needed, so… it can be a little boring so far as the rotation goes, but it just works so well, and since the rotation is so simple… Well, I play games to relax, and… DRK is very relaxing to play.

Now on to the screenshots!  In order to avoid spoiler, they’re still mostly gear sets.  Mostly…


Remember a few months back when Bel posted that one should take compromising screenshots of AFK FC-mates? Well.. we’re not actually in the same FC anymore, and I don’t know if this is really compromising, but… he was AFK, and I got a screenshot of him….


The big hole from a post or 3 ago is now full of purple goo. Condensed Aether, they call it.


As you look at the purple pool, this adorable little chocobo pops out.


And you eventually jump in and it portals you to here… Becuz it’s the new Omega raid entrance!


I’m working on leveling up the Dark Knight job now in order to clean out the lower-level gear from my bags. Here’s the Ghost Barque set after I found the claymore.


And a closeup of the claymore


The Shisui set, including the Ruby Tide Greatsword


I even managed to hit 65, so here’s the Nomad set including “Breaking Dawn” (at least I think that was the sword’s name…)


And these are my level 65 stats in the Nomad set. I’ve got as much Tenacity melded in as I can get, plus as much determination on the other pieces that are already tenacity-capped. “Why?” you ask? Becuz Tenacity is the tanking “god-stat.” That’s why. It increases mitigation, healing received, and damage done. All in a single stat. What’s not to love about having as much as possible? Interestingly enough, I had over 1100 tenacity at level 60-62 due to the Shire set from HW having quite a bit of tenacity baked into it, then the Ghost Barque set being the same i260 as the Shire set but having more tenacity on a couple of pieces. The Shisui set at 63 dropped me to 911, and the Nomad set is barely changed at the 919 you see here.


I’ve got the level 70 i310 left side completed now. Just in time for the Omega raid to come in and make i320 possible…


Ghost Barque set of Casting, including the Red Mage’s Rapier


Shisui set of Casting


Nomad’s set of Casting


And finally… this was the end of my final Shisui run that got me to level 65 on the Dark Knight. Less than 19 minutes! I’d say it was faster than average, but it was also far from the best run I had either. It’s kind of amazing seeing the different skill levels of the dps players as I tank the various dungeons.

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  1. I love that you’re still participating in the FC Screenshot nonsense even if you’re not in the FC anymore! Also I can’t believe the shisui set is just as revealing for tanks as for casters. It looks amazing but how is that giving any armor protection at all???

    • It reminds me of that fan fiction “Murder investigation in World of Warcraft” wherein the investigators couldn’t tell if the victim was really poor and couldn’t afford clothes, or really rich and powerful and thus wearing the “bikini armor.”

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