[FFXIV] Settling in to a Rhythm

I’ve slowed up a bit on the endless dungeon spamming as a tank.  Even so, I’ve still got Dark Knight to 67, so there’s been some progress there.  What I’m more doing now, though is making sure that I do the leveling, 50/60, and expert roulettes each day for the 380 Tomes of Verity that that gets me, and then I’ve been doing the daily hunt logs and beast tribes in Heavensward, and as many of the Stormblood daily hunts as I can on my level 60 characters also.  Generally I can get about 2.3 to 2.5 million xp per day just from that, so it takes about 2 days for 60-61, then I can queue for Sirensong Sea which adds another 1.7 million xp to the days haul and will pop while doing the hunts.  Queues have settled down and tend to be in the 5-15 minute range anymore as dps, so it’s not a bad wait at all and I’m getting the hunts done while I wait… so it’s almost like I’m not even waiting.

All told it takes a couple of hours, so it’s not too long a play session, and yet stuff still “gets done.”  It feels like a nice little rhythm to me.  Steady progress is a nice feeling for me.


Level 61 Monk in the Ghost Barque Striking set, and the level 61 Ghost Barque weapons too.


This is the i310 Red Mage rapier.


I dyed my i310 tanking set Dalamud Red. The base brown just didn’t do it for me.


Level 67 Dark Knight in full Yanxian kit


It happened! A group with all 3 colors of mages — white, black, and red!

Happy gaming out there!

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