[FFXIV] Doing the MSQ Again


I liked the Hive weapon and shield effect with my red-dyed armor on the Paladin.

I’ve got the full set of i310 gear for both the tank and the caster jobs, so I felt like I could scale back a bit on my character.  My daughter likes Kugane and diving and all of that, so I’ve been playing her character a lot over this past week-ish, which means I’ve been doing the MSQ again in order to get her all the unlocks.  Or rather… doing it but not seeing it.  I’ve skipped all the cutscenes this time through, just been blowing through it as quickly as possible.  I’ve done no side quests either, other than the flight unlock ones, and yet I’m still level 68 now.  The MSQ and dungeons just give ridiculous amounts of XP.


Full Shisui caster set on my daughter’s character

Oddly…. I ran Shisui enough to get the full set of gear for that level, but I only managed 2x through Bardam’s Mettle before hitting 67.  I’ve done Doma Castle 2x now also and am just barely 68.  I’ve gotten past the big bridge in the Fringes, but still need to work with the Ananta and do the Lakshmi trial before moving on the the south part of the Peaks and then finally on to the Lochs, so there’s still plenty to do to get myself to 60 even without repeated dungeon runs.


Shisui caster closeup on the “cat character with read hair and red ears.”

Of course once I hit 70 I may end up running the Ala Mhigo dungeon a few times for the i300 gear to aid in getting past the final MSQ trial.  I don’t know how Lakshmi is going to be, but it took 3 different times of queueing up to get past Susano.  The 1st group was simply terrible.  The off tank said he normally mained healer and so he didn’t know his tasks.  The dps didn’t stack on Susie’s backside like they should and ran around willy-nilly with the red marker making it hard to find the narrow safe zone, etc.  Still managed to get to the sword phase a couple of times, but dps was so low that it required using a LB to kill the 1st sword in time, and the 2nd sword… no way.  So that was an abandon.


I got the full level 69 tank gear set while doing the DRK dungeon spamming.

2nd group did better overall, got past the swords, and so on, but at about 30% there was some screwing up and a wipe.  Tried again, got to about the same point, and then people simply started dropping so…. ah well.  3rd group finally got past it.  Still had 1 wipe, but everyone buckled down after that and we got it.


Red Mage glamour fun, to try to differentiate a little from all the people using the AF3 set as their glamour.

I’ve been playing her character as Summoner the whole time.  DPS queues are a lot better now.  For a dungeon’s 1st time the queue is using the “jump to front” mechanic the game has so are nearly instant, while even later repeats tend to be in the 8-12 minute range anymore, so repeat runs don’t have much waiting.  And I’m running the MSQ while waiting anyway, so it’s not like I’m just sitting around bored, ya know?


Dark Knight AF3 set

FWIW, I really am not feeling the summoner changes.  Maybe hitting 70 and getting the Bahamut summon will help, but as it is right now it just feels like you blow everything in 15-20 seconds with your aetherflow cooldowns, use DWT, and then are stuck spamming Ruin for 20 seconds, with a single re-application of your dots in that window since they last 30 seconds each after hitting 66, then you get aetherflow back and blow it in 20 seconds, and do it over again.  The loss of Blizzard 2 as a spammable AE is really felt on the trash packs too.  Basically there you hit Tri-D, Bane, Painflare, Ruin 3 2x, Painflare again, Dreadwyrm Trance, spam Ruin 3 for 15 seconds and Deathflare, then put Tri-D on your main target and try to burn it down as bet you can with Ruin/Ruin3 spam (adjust from R3 to Ruin when mana starts getting low, but R3 is the primary shot) while waiting for Aetherflow to come off cooldown.


One gets the AF3 armor for DRK by going back to Where it All Began

Between the Bane nerf and the loss of any spammable AE for the trash packs it just feels like the AE is gone.  And in spite of that I still pull aggro off these crappy tanks I get in the pugs…..  good thing I have Lucid Dream…  At least last night’s update makes it so that a whiffed aetherflow expenditure doesn’t screw you over for an additional minute.  I haven’t played with that change in place yet, but I’m sure that it will be a big help.


My actual level 70 Dark Knight Appearance. Still just the i300 sword, but… I’ll get there.  Tomes of Verity come quickly, after all. 😉

And speaking of last night’s update, the new weekly-limited “Tomes of Creation” are here now.  They can be traded in for i330 gear and have the same costs as prior gear sets, so it takes about 6 weeks in total to fully gear up a job if you hit cap each week.  I find that I’m tanking more than dps’ing on my main anymore, so I’m planning to gear up the tank jobs 1st.  And I’ll slowly work up the other jobs now.  Simply running the daily hunt logs in SB is about 1.6 million xp, so from 60-62 it’s about 3 days for a level, then it eventually lengthens out to about 6 days to get from 69-70 if you’re just doing that.  But I queue for dungeons which give anywhere from 1.7 million xp (Sirensong Sea, no rested bonus) to 3.4 million xp (Castrum Abania, with rested bonus) and with the reduced queue times I can get in 2 dungeons per night while doing the hunts and that speeds the process up by a lot.


This is the Ghost Barque healer’s set for level 61 — minus the gloves. Never found those on all my tanking runs, and tbh, haven’t run the dungeon as a healer even though it’d be guaranteed to get me the gloves. I just don’t care enough to play a healer in a dungeon, I guess.

And this is too long and rambling, so I’m ending it now.  Happy gaming out there!

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  1. I’m excited to see the summoner changes in action because I always seem to flub my rotation and then feel like an idiot for a minute waiting to be able to dreadwyrm again.

    • At least in 3.0 if you flubbed and had to wait, you then got 3 aetherflow charges also. In 4.0 if you flubbed and had to hit aetherflow again you only got 1 more charge. Extremely punishing for a flub. So… I’m glad they removed that. Way less punishing now.

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