[FFXIV] More Stormblood Leveling


You’ve already seen the level 65 Nomad’s set, so.. here’s a closeup of the Summoner’s book instead. And yes, I got my fox ears. Thanks for noticing! 😉

So, if y’all remember, in my last post I said I’d probably hit 70 as a Summoner this weekend, and… yep, it happened.  Doing the daily hunts while queued for the highest level dungeon I can do seems to take long enough to do 2-3 dungeons in a session, so between that xp and the xp from the hunt log completions, I have been getting a level a day on whatever job I’ve been working.


Same deal as above for the level 67 Yanxian set

So anyway, Summoner hit 70, which also made Scholar hit 70 as well since they both level off “arcanist” experience, so that’s nice to have 1 less job to eventually level up.  Even though I’ve not healed a thing in quite some time, I still have been buying the i310 gear set for healers since I knew SCH was up and coming with the Summoner, so hitting 70 gave me an instant i303 average.  I’ve not done the right-side gear upgrades yet —  those are currently all i300 drops from my daily expert runs that I do as Paladin (obviously this is also the source for the Verity times I used to buy the left side gear 😉 ).


Summoner AF3 set. Kinda flowy this time.

The level 70 Summoner job quest was interesting, especially when it turned into a dps race at the end.  The Scholar job quest was a lot more straightforward, just burn the mobs down.  This actually kinda surprised me since in HW for SCH and WHM one needed to cleanse and heal quite a bit to do those quests, but in SB it was pretty much burn the mobs down with no healing needed.  I’d guess this was due to complaints in HW that since the NPC’s aren’t in your party you can’t see that they need to be cleansed, so it made the SCH quest very frustrating.


Scholar AF3 is still fairly ridiculous with the mortarboard and gaskins.

Since the 3 healer jobs share gear and as I leveled through the MSQ I always took the healer gear rewards, my overstuffed bags have more healer gear than anything, so I decided I’ll level White Mage and Astrologian next so that as they level i can sell the obsolete stuff off to clear out some space.  I was initially pretty leery of healing, since a lot of people on reddit and the SE forums are complaining that healing is a lot harder in SB dungeons than it was before, and I know when tanking it that a lot of healers seemed to struggle to keep me alive no matter how many cooldowns I was using, so I was worried that I’d have a hard time making the switch.


This is my current level 70 healer appearance

It turns out that I didn’t need to worry at all.  In spite of all the rust that needs to be knocked off my muscle memory for healing, I’ve found that Sirensong Sea and Shisui are both very easy to heal, even on the large pulls that all the complaints seem to be about.  Quite frankly, even on the large pulls if I don’t cast some dps spells I’m standing around bored.  Maybe Bardam’s Mettle and higher are harder, but the 1st 2 dungeons are… well… it’s Sunday night when I’d usually be chain-running dungeons and I’ve gotten bored and logged out and am blogging about it instead.  And I know I’m FAR from the best healer out there, which makes me wonder just how crappy some of these other people playing healers are?


Level 63 White Mage

Granted, I’ve run these dungeons a ton while leveling the 3 tanks and the 3 casters, so I’m very familiar with when I’ll need to pre-heal, when the AE hits are coming, and whatnot, but still….. I’m kinda flabbergasted.  I’m sure that sounds like a humble-brag.  Not intended to, but it’s out there anyway.


Level 63 Astrologian

Happy gaming out there!

Edit to add — after posting this, I went back and chain-ran Shisui on WHM and AST and both are now 64.    The gear upgrade for that level re-used some assets from Heavensward and was an odd blue-green color, so I glamoured it to look like the Shisui set again.  Glamour is the true endgame, amirite?


My daughter was flying around on my character and playing with the minions, it would appear.


A tranquil moment during the Summoner job quest cutscenes

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