[FFXIV] Pug Tales Episode 1

Partially for some variety, and partially to try to clear up some bag space, I’ve started working on Monk and Dragoon a bit, since Monk shares gear with SAM and DRG shares the right-side gear also.  Last night it was the Dragoon’s turn, and in an effort to get from 60-61 in a single night instead of taking 2 nights doing just the hunt logs and beast tribes, I queued up for the leveling roulette.


Level 61 Dragoon in full Ghost Barque kit. Looks like a caster from late Heavensward, or a level 60 healer in i255 crafted gear somehow…..

When it popped it was Brayflox’s Longstop, so we were all sync’d down to level 34.  The healer’s gear was mid-60’s, I was sync’d from 60 (obviously), and the bard was actually on-level and had a sprout.  The tank was sync’d down also, but had a sprout and gear from the upper 30’s, so it looked like it’d be a nice easy run, even with 2 newbies.


The “recommended gear” button at level 61 says my i260 Shire gear is still better than the i260 Ghost Barque gear though — blue quality Shire vs green quality Ghost Barque, I suppose. It looks better too, IMO. And I glamoured the spear to Replica High Allagan, becuz why not?


The second the barrier dropped the tank took off for the 1st pull, without waiting for the healer to cast Protect.  No biggie, not like Protect is a big thing and the healer can apply it during the fight.  But the tank ran into the 1st group of 3 mobs and … hit Fast Blade.  And stood there a while.  Then he hit Savage Blade.  And stood there a while.  And then he finally hit Rage of Halone.  So hey, he at least used his aggro combo! Too bad it took him 20 seconds to use what should have taken him 5.  But he never hit Flash, so as soon as the healer cast a heal, 2 mobs peeled for him.  The bard grabbed one, I grabbed the other, so the healer didn’t have to heal himself, but now had 3 of us taking damage and he couldn’t keep that many balls in the air, so the tank went down, his mob made a beeline to the healer, and then, well…. wipe, though I managed to kill my mob before we all went down.


This is the level 64 healer gear that I mentioned in my last post with the re-used HW assets and odd color… which is why I glamoured it to look like the level 63 Shisui set.

So we all released and were right back at the front.  Healer managed to get Protect up before the tank ran ahead.  Since with Stormblood the Paladin now gets Shield Oath at level 30 instead of 40, I asked the tank in chat to engage it, advising him it would help him hold aggro better.  And I also suggested using Flash at least 2x as he was entering the group of mobs so they wouldn’t peel to the healer.  I was completely ignored — he didn’t say anything in chat, nor did he follow any of my suggestions.  The healer declined to heal him since he wasn’t actually you know… tanking… so he went down.  Then the bard decided to hit a mob.  The healer kept him up and we were able to kill the 2 mobs remaining in that group without dying.

The tank released and ran back, then immediately into the next group of 3 mobs, in spite of the healer saying “I’m not moving until you talk to us and/or put up Shield Oath and start using Flash.”  The tank didn’t do any of it, so he went down quickly.  And now 5 minutes had passed, so we vote-kicked him.  Fortunately, a new tank joined within a few seconds who was sync’d down from 70, and we then proceeded to complete the dungeon without further incident.  and I got about 1.3 million xp from the roulette bonus and the actual completetion.  Not quite the 1.7 I get from Sirensong Sea, but…. I made it to 61, so I can do that dungeon tonight instead of using leveling roulette 😉

Happy gaming out there!

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