[FFXIV] Bag Cleanup (aka More Alt-Job Leveling)


Dragoon 63

As I’ve said before…. for some variety and also so that I can clean out some of this dungeon gear that’s clogging up my bags and retainers, I worked on getting Bard, Machinist, and Ninja to level 61 the weekend.  BRD/MCH share gear, and the Ninja shares the right-side jewelry, so that’s why I worked on them together.  I also worked on Dragoon, Samurai, and Monk together earlier in the week and got them all to level 63 so they’re all in their Shisui gear now.


Monk 63

Oddly enough, though, I’m not actually using the Ghost Barque sets from the Sirensong Sea dungeon, as it’s all green-quality i260 gear, but I’ve already got blue-quality i260 gear from the end of Heavensward which the game says is better … and in looking it it, sure the main stats are the same, but the secondary stats are indeed slightly better.  In the case of the Ninja, I’ve actually gone ahead and upgraded the entire left side armor to the i270 stuff, which means that it is actually slightly better stat-wise than the Shisui gear, so I won’t really need to upgrade the ninja stuff until the level 65 Nomad’s set.


Samurai 63

As a result, I took a picture of Bard in the Ghost Barque set just so I could post it here, but then I sold it all off and didn’t bother to take a picture of the Machinist in it upon hitting 61, becuz… it’s the same set, so why repeat it?  I kept the Ninja set around long enough to at least take the screenshot of it, but then went back to my actual setup (which rocks, btw — I ran Sirensong Sea with it this morning and the boss fights were significantly shorter than I’ve ever experienced before).  Back to the bard though — I like the changes to the songs and how you can rotate between the 3 to always have a song running to give that small critical hit buff to your group, and then the songs each have their different effects on you, so you can do different things depending on which song you’re singing.  My biggest thing is remembering to make sure a song’s actually up all the time….  I’ll get better.


61 Bard in the full Ghost Barque set

Machinist feels pretty much the same to me as it always did, just now has that heat gauge mechanic that you can’t control until level 62, so having my gun overheat periodically and turn off Gauss Barrel is a little annoying, but I’m sure it will get better after I get the heat management skills.  As it is, each hit feels like it’s a big hit, so that’s kinda nice.  I even got Dusk Vigil as a leveling pug with another machinist and between the 2 of us we made the trash melt quickly, and the bosses went down fast too, so it was pretty nice.


61 Ninja in the Ghost Barque set

And I even broke down and started to work on gathering.  Well… fishing.  I wanted to unlock spear fishing and see what that was like.  The answer is… eh.  Right-click the node, wait for the visual indicator, then hit the button to try to spear a fish.  No biggie.  But anyway, levequests work nicely for fast leveling — there’s one you can turn in 3x per allowance and it’s worth about 152K xp each time.  The fish aren’t even hard to catch for it, but you can burn through a stack in a hurry with the repeated turn-ins.


61 Ninja actual appearance — Augmented Shire set

A change that I found interesting is that instead of the game now telling you that you’ve depleted the area you’re in if you stay too long, it now simply makes you start failing every cast, so after failing 3-4 in a row you know it’s time to move on.  I prefer not to lose my bait like that, but… it’s not like it’s expensive, so it’s not a big deal really.  So yeah… I’m pushing 62 on Fisher now also.  Just a tad shy, but I should get there in short order the next time I decide to work on it a little more.

Happy gaming out there!

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