[FFXIV] Level 63 to 70 “Striking” Armor Sets

Caster Glamour

I redid my caster glamour again, making use of the Moonfire Faire’s reward outfit.

I got Samurai from 63-70, Monk from 63-65, and Dragoon to 64.  As a result, I got 3 “left sides” cleared out of my bags, and the level 63 “right side” as well.  On the other hand, I more or less picked up the entire level 69 set while doing the runs there.  I actually only had 4 pieces of the “Valarian Brawler” set when I hit 69.  But a couple of runs of Castrum Abania ended up dropping a ton of that set for me, so I had the full set by the time I hit 70, where I found I had the complete “Arhat … of Striking” set except for the gloves, and they’re kinda moot now since I’ve bought the i310 Ala Mhigan piece for that slot, and will be able to use that for Monk also, so I doubt I’ll ever actually get that last piece for that set.  Though I may run the Ala Mhigo dungeon on the SAM job just to get it  for a screenie at some point.  We’ll see, I guess.

MCH 63

I got Machinist to 63 late last week also. All combat jobs are at least 63 now, so no more Ghost Barque gear cluttering up my bags!

Here’s a gallery of the armor look for each level.  I took the SAM rewards from all the MSQ’s, so I had full sets of all the even-level HQ gear also.  And that’s why I’m focusing SAM/MNK as the next jobs to level – it gets me the most bag-clearing…

MNK 64

Monk Level 64.  I’ve actually made it to 65, but I still don’t have the dungeon claws yet, and you’ll see the “Nomad … of Striking” gear below, so no screenie of that.  Yet. 😉

SAM 63

This is the Shisui set after finally getting the level 63 katana, even though I was actually 64 in the shot 😉

SAM 64

Level 64 Samurai

SAM 65

Level 65 Samurai after getting its katana in Bardam’s Mettle, though I was actually 66 at this point.  What a goofy hat, no? — “Nomad” set

SAM 66

Level 66 Samurai

SAM 67

Level 67 Samurai — “Yanxia”

SAM 68

Level 68 Samurai. I really like the black blade with the red edge for this one.

SAM 69

Level 69 Samurai – “Valarian Brawler”

SAM 70-2

Level 70 AF3 set

SAM 70-3

Level 70 Samurai — “Arhat”

Happy Gaming out there

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