[FFXIV] Magitek Predator Get!!!

Yesterday I was looking at a friend’s lodestone page, and my character was in the sidebar and showing I’d still only gotten 360 Tomes of Creation this week.  I could swear I’d capped it on Saturday, but… I guess I was so focused on leveling Samurai that I just plain forgot.  So last night I ran Expert Roulette to finish my cap for the week, got Ala Mhigo, and the Magitek Predator key dropped.  I’ve seen it twice before, but rolled really crappy each time.  This time I rolled an 89 — good, but still beatable.  But nope, I won it!  Yay!


Even though it’s a giant robot, on the ground it’s actually pretty “low” so running feels really fast.

And then I worked on my Machinist to get it to 64 so I’d finally get the new animations for the “heated” shots.  I like those.  Plus they’re a nice potency boost so I don’t feel like I’m always hitting with a wet noodle anymore.  Dragoon hitting 64 last week and getting the ability to add the 5th hit to the combo felt like a similar damage increase.  So yeah, I’m having a good time all around.


Flying feels normal speed though, since once you leave the ground you lose the reference of its motion under your feet.

Happy Gaming out there!


I dunno why, but I really like how the feet hang as it flies. Is that a weird thing to notice?

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  1. Woo! Congrats! Looking great! 🙂

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