[FFXIV] PUG Tales – Episode 2

In which we study my own screwups… as well as one other.  And tbh, these are all minor, but hey… still funny to my mind, so they’re being recorded 😉


63 Bard

So there I was, playing as Paladin and queueing up for an Expert Roulette.  The queue pops instantly as (almost) always (which is kinda why I leveled the tank jobs up…), we load in to Kugane Castle, the healer casts Protect, and off we go!  I had my 48K HP and they all had 30-33K, so the gear’s good, so I do a nice double pull.  We take it out no problem.

To the next group!  And a double pull there too.  Except, that was odd, the big robot samurai peeled to one of the dps.  Ah well, Provoke, Shield Lob, and I got it back.  Group of mobs all dies.  Woot!

So I go running off to the door to the boss room.  Hey!  Why’s it still closed?  *turns around* Oh right… those other 6 ninjas that spawn after killing that last group……  I ran back, picked them all up, healer got everyone healed up…. whew!  I apologized for my brain fart.  Healer said “No problem.”

So then in we go to the boss.  We’re working him down, no biggie, but then I glanced at the aggro bars and… why’s the Samurai up at about 60%?  He shouldn’t be anywhere near that high…… oh… I forgot to turn on Shield Oath when we zoned in.  Yup.  I was *that* tank.  I wasn’t just tanking in dps stance; I was tanking in NO stance.  Oopsie!



63 Ninja

Today’s Roulette was Ala Mhigo.  I remembered Shield Oath this time.  Everything was going swimmingly until the final boss.  Just before he does his tank-buster (which is a 4-hit cleave) he yells out “KILL!!!!!” so the tank knows to pop a cooldown, and if you have a Scholar or a Noct Astrologian they can toss a quick shield on you too.  Healer was a white mage, so no extra shield help, but no real need for it either.

Except for some reason in that moment the healer and the ninja both decided to come stand next to me in front of the mob.  I didn’t turn it — I’d been doing the “good tank” thing of holding it steady so the dps can use their positional — but.. yeah, the both ran up next to me.  And the both got cleaved.  And died.  And well…. healer down that early in the fight, it was a wipe.

Nobody got mad, we just released and ran back and probably had the best kill on that boss I’ve ever seen after that, so it was still a successful run.  I just thought it was really odd that the whole Dungeon Running 101 Lesson 1 bullet point which is “Never Be in Front of a Boss Becuz they Usually Cleave” would not only be ignored, but ignored on a tankbuster…..  weird.


Happy Gaming out there!

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  1. Looking at your ninja set is making me want to level mine! I’m glad your pug adventures have been mostly painless and nobody got mad at the various misadventures.

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