[FFXIV] PUG Tales Episode 3


The end result of this weekend’s play sessions, including my “Diamond” sword and shield

Over this past weekend I got a lot more leveling done, so all my combat jobs are now at least level 65 and I’ve got that much more space in my bags.  Yay?  I even worked on Botanist a bit and I got Carpenter to 70 and Culinarian to 63 to boot, so the crafting black hole has been entered…


Level 65 Dragoon

But this is a PUG tales posts becuz I was in dungeons a lot.  Though these were all still successful runs, so like in the prior post… pretty minor, more annoyances at bad play than anything.


Level 65 Ninja

The biggest “story” that really happened was a Bardam’s Mettle run.  I was on my dragoon, so I have some positionals I need to hit, but this tank kept putting the butts of the mobs in the walls, so I could hit sides but not rears.  To top it off the only AE aggro he’d do was Circle of Scorn, so we (me and the red mage) were pulling mobs off him like it was nobody’s business, and we weren’t even trying.  We both were using our aggro reducers on cooldown, but they didn’t help.  On the bright side, he was pulling small and at least using his aggro combo on the 1 mob he’d be hitting and he’d even Provoke and Shield Lob on the peels and sometimes even keep them (though usually right back to me if he did it to a mob I was on).  Finally during the trash leading up to the final boss I said “Please use Flash at *LEAST* 2 times on every pull.  Maybe even 3.”  The healer piped up in all caps “I’M SO GLAD SOMEONE SAID SOMETHING!!!”  Still and all… we beat the final boss (no thanks to the tank dancing all over the place and even catching me in a tankbuster cleave once while he was futtering around) so it was successful, but it was a frustrating run anyway.


Level 65 Bard

Another Bardam’s run… I was playing dps again — this time on my monk.  The tank was actually just fine, held aggro, etc.  But his gear…. he was still in his i270 “Augmented Shire” gear and doing the big pulls.  We wiped on the 1st pull, so he slowed it down until the 1st boss, but heading to the 2nd boss he did the big pull that’s hard to pull off in full i276 Nomad Fending set.  We wiped there also, though the healer valiantly fought the losing battle and we did manage to kill one of the little birds, one of the little golem mobs, and after everyone else died I popped my “Riddle of Earth” for the 20% mitigation boost and added in my Second Wind and the.. um… you hit them and it heals you…Bloodbath?  Anyway… I managed to stay up long enough to also kill the big hard-hitting bird in that pull, so we had a much easier time of it after.  And the tank learned from that and pulled small on the way to the 3rd boss.


Level 65 Machinist

In that instance, it was more the tank’s slavish adherence to the “must pull big” meta that was doing us in.  Bardam’s is in an odd spot, becuz the level 64 gear isn’t actually as good as the i270 Augmented Shire gear, but then the level 65 Nomad’s set is WAY better but the tank was new to the level so hadn’t had a chance to gear up yet.  And then the Bardam’s mobs start hitting a lot harder too, so if you’re still in the lower level gear…. yeah.  Big pulls are rough.


Level 65 White Mage

On the 1st run of the 3rd boss, the healer got hit by the gaze which made him run into the pinion telegraphs and killed him.  The 2nd dps was a Summoner, so he rez’d the healer, but the tank went down while the healer was down.  The healer rez’d the tank after getting back up and eventually got me back up also, but it was always a losing battle after that.  We actually made it to wing phase, but the healer then kept running in circles around the edge instead of finding the safe spots on the edge or coming in to the center, so… wipe.  Healer said he’d gotten hit by the gaze, which sometimes happens, so we didn’t say anything more, and we tried again.


Level 65 Astrologian

2nd try, the tank and healer both got hit by the gaze.  The tank ran to attack the healer, which spun the mob and he did the nice tankbuster cleave into all of us.  That ended as a wipe quite quickly.  In discussing what had happened that time, we found out that neither the tank nor the healer knew how to deal with a gaze attack.  How they managed to get past Baelsar’s Wall and Shisui of the Violet Tides (which both use the gaze mechanic) and into Bardam’s without learning that is beyond me, but there you have it.  Anyway, we said to watch for the big giant eyeball marker and turn away when they see it.


Level 66 Monk, with level 66 weapons. I never did see the monk weapon drop in Bardam’s before hitting 67. Ah well.


Level 67 Monk, including the Yanxia set’s claws

3rd try… went fine.  I mean sure, the tank danced around a lot making it hard to hit my positionals, so that was a bit annoying, but it’s always good when people are willing to learn, don’t you think?


My daughter’s Summoner waiting for a new tank in Doma Castle — read on!

Another one while I was playing on my daughter’s Summoner — We loaded in to Doma Castle and the tank asked the healer “Big pulls ok?”  The healer said “Sure, so long as you pop a cooldown.”  So the tank did the typical 1st pull with all the slashers and popped no cooldowns and went down just as the fight was almost done.  The healer cast the rez on him, but he abandoned out instead.  We wiped, but we’d killed most of the mobs.  After the replacement tank popped in the rest of the run went nice and smooth.  It was just that one guy.  Go figure.


Ding 70 Carpenter!



Diamond Degen Get!

In other news, some folks from my FC were doing “pony farming” last night and I joined up.  I hadn’t done Garuda yet, though they all had, so we went there 1st.  And the whistle dropped on the 1st run.  I was the only one who needed it, so I grabbed it and we moved on to Titan.  We ran it… a lot.  Doing it unsync’d only took about 70 seconds when we had 7 people, and that went up to about 85 seconds after 2 people dropped out, but it was still very quick.  And we eventually got the pony for everyone.  The rare “Nightmare” whistle even dropped once, so that was nice, even though I didn’t win it.  After we all got our Titan ponies, we moved on to Shiva.  She was also taking about 85 seconds overall, and we had lots of fun grabbing up all the “ice” weapons she was dropping.  And we ran it enough that we got lots of “ice dust” tokens as well, so I was able to upgrade the ice version to the diamond version for the Red Mage, Paladin, Summoner, and Astrologian.  That was quite nice!  Slight upgrade in stats for back when those were good weapons, but now it’s just for glamour.  The diamond versions glow and have additional little ice particle effects when unsheathed.  We’re going to see about doing Ifrit and Leviathan tonight too.


Diamond Astrometer


Diamond Grimoire

Happy Gaming out there!

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