[FFXIV] PUG Tales Episode 4


I decided I didn’t like the Diamond Shield glamour, so the shield is back to its original appearance again.  I still love the Diamond sword, though.

So there I was, tanking an Expert and the luck of the draw was Kugane Castle (as usual, and which I don’t mind becuz it tends to be the fastest one).  Healer’s HP was over 35K, so good gear there.  Samurai was about 33K so decent, and the Bard was slightly over 30K, so probably the noob from the “Someone’s here for the 1st time” bonus announcement.


And the “action pose”

Still and all, well-geared healer, decent Samurai… should be fine, so I did a double-pull as the 1st one.  It went fine, the healer kept me up easily enough with my cooldown usage and some well-timed stuns from Holy.  And the Samurai and I were “going ham” in AE and burned out all of our TP… but the bard didn’t pop Tactician to recharge us.  The bard also wasn’t singing a song, didn’t use Rain of Death, nor Quick Nock.  Odd, but… ok, maybe he’s just feeling the group out.


Level 60 Samurai I310 gear set complete!

Next pull I again doubled since it’s only 2 mobs in the 1st group.  Bard did the same as before.  Still… benefit of the doubt, right?  I didn’t say anything, just moved on to boss #1.  Where the bard was absolutely terrible, to the point that he got both himself and the Samurai killed when the Sammy went to help him out with the adds.  Fortunately the healer was able to raise them and we finished the boss, but still, that was, well, less than ideal.  Still no songs sung, no utility skills used, he just tossed out his dots and spammed heavy shot for low low low dps.


Level 67 Dragoon in the Yanxian Maiming set. I think that’s a rather nice-looking naginata, even if it is a re-used model from Heavensward.  I liked it then too 😉

I started pulling small after that becuz a small pull goes down faster with low dps since the healer can do less healing and more dps to help on a small pull.  I probably should have spoken up sooner, but waited until just before the final boss when I asked the bard to start rotating through his songs.  I even explained a bit saying it’s a nice crit buff for the group and it increases his personal dps quite a bit as well.  The bard said “ok” and… well, he did sing a couple of songs during the final fight, but his dps was still so low that the fight went much longer than I have ever seen before, even in all-noob fights with i290 gear back when 1st leveling up.


Level 67 Ninja in the Yanxian Scouting set. Can those really be called daggers? They seem awfully big for daggers…

It actually went on so long that the healer commented after it was over “I’ve never seen that phase of the fight before with the additional dragons before.”  I replied back “Me either.”  But then, there wasn’t anything else to say really, so we both left the instance.  And so here we have yet another successful run, hampered by poor play.  I hope the bard realizes soon that his songs should always be playing, as when they’re on a 90 second rotation (3 songs at 30 seconds each) with an 80 second recast, so there’s no reason to ever NOT have a song up.  Add in that using Mage’s Ballad on trash groups means that after you get some DoT’s spread around and suddenly you can start spamming Rain of Death for nice AE damage… yeah, that helps on the big pulls too.   I don’t know what server he was from.  Quite honestly don’t even remember his name, but… hopefully he gets better and doesn’t think that just becuz we got the clear that he did well :O


Level 67 Machinist in Yanxian Aiming set.



Level 67 Bard also in Yanxian Aiming set.

On the other end of the PUG spectrum, same dungeon, but everyone was geared and knew what they were doing, so trash was melting like snow under a blowtorch.  And all the character avatars were female, so once done I asked for a screenie lineup since there was so much “cyoot” going on with the wonderful group too.  They obliged, so… here’s that picture too.


Best PUG group ever!



Level 66 White Mage. I thought I also had a shot of AST at 66, but… guess not. It looks like this, but with the astrolabe 😉

In the “bag cleanup” leveling, I’ve got both healers to 66 now without healing Bardam’s (other than once on the WHM back when I 1st hit 65 on it) since I’m finding that I really just don’t enjoy healing anymore.  Dunno why — I loved it in EQ2, Rift, and SWTOR.  And I used to love it in FFXIV too, so I’m not sure what happened.  I seem to do fine with it when I do it, it’s just… I don’t know.  I just don’t like it anymore.  Such is life, no?  Anyway… all my “fighting” jobs are up to 67 now also, as I’m sure you noticed in the screenshot captions littered throughout the post.


The level 61 gathering set looks kinda silly. I don’t have shots of level 63 or 65 yet. Soon…

I’ve also managed to get Miner to 65, Botanist to 63, and Fisher is still languishing at 62.  Culinarian is up at 70 now also.  If only leves regenerated quicker……  They make the crafting leveling go quickly, but you still need about 55-80 of them to level 1 job from 60-70, (55-ish if you can do all HQ turn-ins, 80-ish if there’s a lot of NQ at the beginning… which there will be.  You can’t really consistently do HQ crafts until after level 66 and even then it’s not 100%) and only recover 42 per week.  On the other hand, nothing’s stopping me from grinding it out.  Long weekend coming up, so… we’ll see what I decide to do when it gets here.

Happy gaming out there!


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