[FFXIV] PUG Tales Episode 6


My character’s name is in large part due to “gotterdammerung” being the biggest nuke spell that you could cast in Bard’s Tale 3, so this was a fun achievement to get.


I got this title this week also once I got Machinist to 70

Progress Update:  It’s quicker to list what isn’t 70 that what is…..  67 White Mage, 67 Astrologian, 68 Leatherworker, and 67 Fisher.  Getting really close to having full 70’s.  Go me!  Of course once the leveling’s done then what?



Level 69 Valerian Archer set.  I can’t say I’m a fan of the bow.

I’m sure there are more tales than this, but there’s one that really sticks out in my mind from this past week.


Level 70 Arhat Aiming set.  What a silly hat!  And I’m a bit disappointed that they simply re-colored the level 63 Shisui bow for it, but.. ah well, it’s not like I’m actually using it or couldn’t glamour over it if I were.

We loaded in to Rhalgr’s Fist and it was me on Paladin, a White Mage, a Samurai, and a Black Mage.  I thought to myself “good AE, this should go quickly.”  Oh how wrong I was.  I did the typical pull of the 1st group of coeurls to the wall, and picked up the mosslings that spawned at the wall’s destruction.  I noticed that it took a long time for everything to die, in spite of the samurai and my TP being drained out from all the AE we were doing, and realized that the Black Mage hadn’t cast any Flare or even Fire 2 spells that I saw.  No big, I guess, and we moved on.


Level 70 AF3 Set for Bard

I grabbed the next 2 groups, becuz that’s what you do, but again…. didn’t notice any AE spells from the Black Mage.  Once the mob numbers were down a few I started watching what he was casting and saw a lot of Fire 3’s back to back, but then it was time to move on, so.. away we went.  Next trash group was another coeurl pulls to the wall with mosslings, and then the 1st boss, which ends up being 2 mobs since a 2nd boss joins pretty early on in the fight.


Level 69 Machinist’s weapon closeup

Since boss fights actually tend to be pretty chill and I take relatively low damage during them, I watched the BLM a lot closer during the fight and this is what he was doing for his rotation:  Fire 3, Fire 3, Fire 3, Fire 3, Transpose, Blizzard 1, Blizzard 1, Blizzard 1, Thunder 3 and repeat.


Level 70 Machinist in the Arhat set with the i320 weapon.  I don’t have the Ala Mhigo Aiming set yet, so no screenie of that.  Soon…

For those of you who don’t know, this is horrifyingly awful even as a single-target rotation, much less for trash packs that should be AE’d down.  So.. hey, I’m a mentor…. I started asking on the trash packs “Do you mind using Fire 2, Thunder 4, and/or Flare?  Maybe hit Enochian and keep it up for 30 seconds so you can pop a Foul a couple of times?” and on the boss fights “Enochian plus Fire 4 would be a big help… and you don’t need transpose, just use Blizzard 3 and Fire 3 for your swaps.”


Machinist AF3 set includes a Tommy Gun!

But no…. he never said anything, nor did he ever change.  I’m half-wondering if he had that awful rotation typed in as a macro and would just push it, since there were times where he’d stop casting for a while (especially when a mob died — he was very slow to change targets), then suddenly it’d start all over again.  He did seem to be there, not a bot — he’d dodge telegraphs, but … wow, he was just so bad. 😥


MCH’s AF3 set from the front

Still and all, he didn’t harm the group, and he was doing *some* damage, so we never kicked him and we cleared the instance, so… yay, successful run.  and hopefully he will take my suggestions to heart in the future to be less bad in future groups.  Who knows?


Burn it all!

Happy gaming out there!


I finished the i310 Ala Mhigo Scouting set this week too

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