[FFXIV] More Leveling Progress


Level 68 White Mage


All Crafting Jobs to 70


All Gathering Jobs to 70


Sometimes it’s fun to use the /sit command while fishing.


This is a 1st for me — certain fish actually make me stand up to try to reel them in before sitting back down. I’d never seen that before this morning when working on the level 70 Fisher job quest.


I fished this little guy up a couple of days ago. Too cute!


Gotta love all those male Miqo’tes out there. And my FC for a perfect response…

So…. level 68 White Mage and level 67 Astrologian are all I’ve got left to level up.  But i may hold off a bit on that — now that we’ve got a date for 4.1 to come out, I might look into crafting furniture for the next bit to see if I can’t get some good sales going when the new housing district opens up.

Happy gaming out there!

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