[FFXIV] Drowned City of Skalla


Underground/Underwater city. Neat looking place.

I did my typical morning play session today before work, and since it’s patch day I headed right for the MSQ, partially for the story, and partially to try to get a run in on the new dungeon.  Fortunately, the dungeon unlocks as only the 3rd quest, and the prior 2 are just a little bit of running around, so I was running the dungeon less than 20 minutes after logging in.

All 4 of us in the group went in blind, so I did the 1st few trash pulls “small” to get a feel for the place.  They didn’t seem to hit all that hard, but they had a lot of hp, so they took longer to die than the “feel” of the earlier 2 expert dungeons.  Even so, I started doing double pulls on the trash and we took them down no problem through the rest of the dungeon, so …. as always, trash is trash.


Water Horse Thingie. You need to fight him in the slightly raised center. The lower outside is always “covered in bad.”

1st Boss, I don’t recall the name, but as you can see in the screenie it’s a kind of water-horse thing.  The edges of the arena are pulsing red throughout the fight with water running across it.  Running or being knocked into that area puts a vulnerability to water stack on you, and all the boss’s attacks seem to be water-based, so…. avoid that 😉  He does a room-wide AE for the healer to heal through, he does an attack that says “pull” and pushes you away from him, and an attack that says “push” and actually pulls you toward him.  I’m not sure if that’s intended or they messed up, but… either way, don’t let those knock you into the water.  He also puts markers on the dps and the drops water bombs on them that leave a puddle for them to run out of.  There’s also a tethered orb that follows them and does a moderate hit if they let it hit them, or it will get “cleaned off” with his followup push/pull attack that he does right afterward.  Others can’t clear off the orbs from the tethered player — I tried running through them, but nothing happened, and they weren’t target-able either.


This boss was a lot of fun, I thought.

2nd boss was “Old Doll” or “Ancient Doll” or something like that.  It summons adds and then does a big charge attack to blow them up, so you gotta kill them before they blow up.  We killed them all, so I don’t know it they’re just a big hit or an instakill or what, but… kill them.  For the 2nd and later rounds of adds, he turns you into a bomb dropping mob just before summoning them and you have to go drop the bombs under the adds to kill them.  But the adds move, so you gotta lead the target a bit…  Not a big deal though, as the bombs do a 1-shot on them.  The rest is the standard dodging of telegraphs.


I wish we could “FUNGAH!!!” while in this form.

I don’t recall if it was before the 2nd boss or 3rd boss, but in one section after you kill trash you have to turn yourself into a flying mob using a glowing thing on the floor to get across some pits.  Here’s the screenie of what that looks like.


He looks cool, but he’s really annoying, imo.

Final boss is a giant manticore thing.  It’s name had “poison” in it, but I don’t recall the full name, sorry.  He has a metric crapton of mechanics, and doesn’t telegraph them all on the ground, though usually there’s a notification window that pops up “He raises his claws” or “he raises his tail” for some of them.  For the raised claws, tank runs behind him to avoid.  If you get hit by it, it’s a hard hit and puts a vulnerability stack on you.  The raised tail is the same, just to his rear, so the dps needs to get in front of him to avoid that.  On our run this morning, the generally didn’t, but the healer kept them up fine even with 2-3 vuln stacks, so it’s not *too* big a deal, I guess.  He also occasionally does a prox-based room-wide, so the tank should keep him to the sides as s/he can to allow running room to get away from that.  He drops the ring on a player so everyone has to get in close.  He also does the “it goes 4 directions from the player” like Lakshmi does, for the other 3 to avoid.  At 1st he does those separately, but as the fight progresses he’ll do the ring and the 4-way strips simultaneously, so the dodging can get interesting.  And he also sometimes will face a player, do a wind-up and blast across the room, and then repeat that 4 times.  There’s time to dodge while he’s doing the wind-up, so no need to get hit, but it’s not a telegraph on the ground either, so it’s easy to miss.  There’s even a gaze attack to turn away from to boot.  He seems to toss a mechanic about every 6-10 seconds, so there’s a LOT of motion in this fight.  Poor Black Mages…

I’ll toss in some more screenies I took for funsies, but… I’m done typing this post.  Happy gaming out there!


People preparing Monday night for the Great Shirogane Land Rush.


I haven’t seen this many people around in Kugane in a long time. Shirogane (Savage) FTW!


Sleipneir does indeed fly now!


I did the 1st MSQ as Red Mage and thought this opportunity for a selfie was a good one.


And here’s a more close-up selfie while still RDM.



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