[Warframe] Starting to Figure Things Out


I don’t recall the name of this sword, but it was decently fun to level up, and it looks nice, so it got a screenie. Several actually. And I liked this one best for sharing 😉

I’ve had a bit more time in Warframe now, so I’ve had time to talk with my friend “J” who plays it and have him explain some things to me, as well as being able to spend more time with the wiki, Reddit, etc.  I’m starting to feel like I have an idea of what I’m doing in the game now, so that’s fun.  But it also means that I know just how much I have left to do in it also, which is a tad overwhelming.  And of course then there’s still that I don’t know what i don’t know yet, so things still can surprise me too.  Part of the excitement of a new game, I suppose.


Talk about a *hilarious* weapon! 80% status chance, plus on a kill it does massive AE explosion damage. I can clear out waves of mobs in Defense missions in fewer shots than there are mobs. Or I took it on an Extermination mission and was able to simply blast groups as they ran through choke points. So fun!  I’ve leveled it up 3x now and it’s never been a chore.

This past week I’ve mostly just been leveling up warframes and weapons to increase my mastery rank — I’m up to Mastery Rank 8 now.  That movement test for MR8 was something.  I’d looked up what I’d need to do beforehand, which gave detailed instructions, plus had a video of it being done.  Even with that, I still had to use the practice session several times before I was able to do it, and then after that I still fell once during the real test.  Good thing you get 4 actual tries, no?


This gun is called “Gorgon.” It’s a machine gun that takes some time to spin up, and then is highly inaccurate, so… I’ve still got it pretty low level as of yet, since it’s not the easiest thing to use. Eventually…

So yeah, I’ve spent a lot of time running defense missions on Earth and Mars — Earth to get things to rank 10-ish, then Mars to max them out faster since it gives more xp.  Some weapons I like more than others, obviously.  One that I’ve found I really like are the “Castanas” throwing knives.  They don’t actually do any damage when thrown, so the 1st couple of times I tried to use them I got frustrated as they didn’t seem to do anything, and once I had 6 of them out in the world I couldn’t throw any more, in spite of having plenty of spare ammo.  I finally went and looked them up and … oh, you have to use the middle mouse button to make them explode after you throw them.


I’m still leveling these up, but these are their stats so far. So fun to use!

So I started doing that and it’s *hilarious!*  It tosses mobs up into the sky and they never fall back down, or makes them fly across the screen sideways really fast.  And blowing up 6 on/around a boss does great damage plus it’s an AE explosion so the crowd control is even pretty decent.  I’ll admit that I can’t see myself using them in a “real mission” with other people, but for these defense missions they’re a lot of fun.


Saryn Prime is mine!

J and I managed to get together in-game a few times.  He’s unlocked farther in the map than me (and he got MR13 while we were doing stuff together), so he was able to pull me into missions I’ve not unlocked yet, so I was able to get the crafting materials I needed to finish building the Saryn Prime frame.  That frame, well, I can see why people like it in groups as the spreading “Spores” ability does insane damage at minimal cost, but as a solo frame I’m not really feeling it.  I guess I need to play in more groups, no?


The Oberon warframe, carrying a Sobek shotgun, whilst wearing a cosmetic helm I got from an alert.

All the defense missions I’ve been running have awarded me the blueprints for the Oberon frame also, so I built and leveled that.  That one’s interesting in that when I did some research on it, it seems that people like having it in groups as a supporting frame, but it seems to not be the greatest solo-er, in spite of being able to heal and do pretty massive AE damage.  I need to play with it more to see what kinds of things I can pull off with it, I guess.


Loki with a Kama. He’s a ninja, so why not use one of the traditional ninja weapons, right? And that’s my new friend “Carrier Prime” which can solo the 1st 10 waves of the defensive missions I do, so sometimes I just unequip its gun so it doesn’t steal my xp.

Loki I have actually leveled up 3 times now — 1st as I got him, and then I added a polarity slot twice, and each slot you add means you gotta level it up again.  But it also means that I now have him fully modded out without going into the Primed mod categories, so he’s got a 29.4 second invisibility which is *hilarious!*  I saw an alert for a spy mission and went for it with Loki.  I was invisible for the whole run, had over 100 kills, successfully got 3/3 of the data caches and no alarms were ever triggered.  Also hilarious — I had been doing defense missions with only melee equipped, as there’s an achievement for doing that 10 times, and I’d forgotten to re-equip my ranged weapons when I jumped into the alert, so all of that was melee.  Really, the only thing that I wished I had some range for was the environmental sensor bars that you have to destroy to shut off some energy-draining fields, but I was still able to double-jump up to them and get them with the sword anyway, it just took a bit of care.


I’ve leveled Loki up 3x now. In theory the build maxes out Narrow Minded and swaps Hushed Invisibility for Augur Message, but I can use silent weapons and not need Hushed, and the Message increases my Invisibility duration without sacrificing range like Narrow Minded does, so I’m actually kinda liking this. Plus it would take 28,800 more Endo to finish leveling Narrow Minded, so that’s a ways off.

I can really see why Loki is so well liked.  It also helps that when you’re invisible that you get an 8x damage multiplier on your melee damage.  Not that I need it in the levels I’m currently at, but when I get higher that will be nice too.


This is the “Baza” submachine gun. It’s a primary, and it makes a really loud “bang bang bang” that you hear, but the game treats it as a silent weapon, so I’m leveling it up to perhaps have Loki use it. I’ve also got a bow and I’m currently building him a repeating crossbow too, though. So. Many. Options!

And yeah, this is long enough now, so…. Happy Gaming out there!


The Baza’s stats so far — 65% crit rate with a 6.2x multiplier??? Yes please!

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