[Warframe] Co-Op Makes the Game Go Faster


I took this shot after I completed my MR10 test, but I have screenies set to turn off the UI, and I guess the “You won! Congrats!” thing is considered to be UI, so… nice fuzzy focus shot of Rhino with his Vanguard helmet, I suppose.

So I’d been avoiding multiplayer in Warframe like the plague… not becuz I’m opposed to multiplayer, but, well….. The only way I knew to bring up the chat box was to hit Esc to free up the mouse, then click in the corner to expand it.  It seemed like that would be really clunky during a mission.  I have since learned the keyboard shortcut to bring up the chat box ( the letter “t”) but also found that nobody uses it during a mission anyway.  There’s really no need.  Just do the mission objectives and everyone else does too and it all works out.


Some of the architecture is just stunningly beautiful, IMO

But anyway, as the title says — going multiplayer makes the game go faster.  It does so since 2 can do more than 1, and 4 more than 2, obviously, but also you get more mobs to kill scaled to your party size, you get xp for your party’s kills, not just your own, and the xp from party kills is applied to all your weapons simultaneously, not just your currently used weapon, where solo you only get the xp on the weapon you use to make a kill.  I’m told that the game also scales up the loot drops on the back end when you have a squad going instead of being solo too, though I can’t say I’ve really noticed that.  It could be, I suppose, or it could just be that the increased number of targets will simply naturally drop more overall, even if the percentage rate of the drops is the same.  Who knows?


Now that’s a knife! Well okay, it’s a “Gazal Machete” but hey…

Still and all, it means that if I have a weapon I don’t like (hello Cestra pistol, hello Heat Dagger with the ridiculous stance polarity that doesn’t actually have an existing mod for a dagger) then I can still level it up without needing to actually use it if I do multiplayer runs instead.


 (Procedural generation follies) – Field of fire? What’s that?

Another nice thing about the squad runs is that you get stats at the end of how much damage you did, kills you made, etc. and you can gauge how effective the weapons you’re using are.  For example, the past couple of days I’ve been leveling up the Rakti pistol.  On paper it doesn’t look like much — only 3 shots per magazine, and it does a small amount of Gas damage type, but no other.  However…. this is where it gets fun.  Any shot you make leaves a small gas bomb wherever it hits, and it detonates about 1 or maybe 1.5 seconds later in an AE explosion.  It’s also gas damage, which is bonused versus the Infested type of enemy.


Saturn looks pretty amazing out the front window of my ship

The gas grenades mean you can hit several mobs at once with the explosions just by targeting the floor near them.  This isn’t necessarily the best thing, as there is initial damage on the original shot, but it makes it so that even a miss isn’t necessarily bad as the follow-up explosions can still be a hit.  And it meant that while I was ranking up the “tank” frame Rhino, which is not really known for its damage output, that I was racking up the most kills and damage done on missions vs Infested — sometimes by a very large margin.  Of course, I can’t claim it was due to my skill — it was definitely the weapon, that seemed awful at 1st but ended up being a lot of fun when used in the right situation.


Rhino while wearing his “Iron Skin”

In other news, I made it to Mastery Rank 10 last night.  That really doesn’t mean all that much — I can deploy another extractor drone, is about it.  But still…. the game only goes to MR25, so it’s kinda fun to already be at 10 after a month.


Loki on Mars

Happy gaming out there!

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