[Warframe] It’s All About The Mods


Oh, poor Moon, what have they done to you in the future?

I mentioned this in a prior post, I think — In Warframe it’s the mods that really make the weapons.  Each weapon has slightly different base stats, so you can use your mods to accentuate how this weapon works vs how that one works, but even with that, every weapon will still have the same 3 or 4 “base mods” and then play around with the other 3-4.  Though even there, in general, you’ll want 2 slots to be taken up with elemental damage mods that you swap out depending on what type of enemies you’ll be fighting — Gas vs Infested, Corrosive vs Grineer, and Radiation vs Corpus, with Blast being largely ignored.

For an example, I’ll use my “Despair” Throwing Knives, which are a “Secondary” weapon, and therefore the game actually lets me use mods that say “Pistol” on it, as all secondaries are “Pistols.”  I use:

  • Hornet Strike for +180% to All Damage (will be +220% when I eventually cap it out)
  • Barrel Diffusion for +120% Multishot (meaning each shot is actually 2 bullets, with a 20% chance of being 3, though still at only a resource cost of 1 ammo)
  • Lethal Torrent for +60% Multishot (make that an 80% chance of firing 3 shots per ammo resource) and +60% Rate of Fire

These are the 3 mods appear in *every* pistol/secondary build.  Seriously — click through to http://warframe-builder.com/Secondary_Weapons and pick any weapon at random and then click “Search Builds” and pick any build at random and it *will* have these 3 mods on it.


Base Stats

Now here’s where the “playing to the weapon” comes in to play.  The “base” weapon has the following stats to look at when deciding how to mod it —

  • Critical Chance 2.5% — extremely low
  • Status Chance 2.5% — extremely low
  • Impact Damage – 2.8 — very low
  • Puncture Damage – 44.0 — very high
  • Slash Damage – 8.2 — low

According to the stats at warframe-builder.com, this translates to:

  • 55.687 Total Damage per shot
  • 183.767 DPS without reloading
  • 145.385 DPS accounting for reloading

So based on this, I’ll be looking to simply buff raw damage, especially the puncture type.  As I mentioned up above, 2 slots will be for Elemental Damage mods, so with those 2 plus the 3 base mods, I’ll have 3 slots to play with.  For them I chose:

  • Bore for +120% Puncture Damage
  • No Return for +180% Puncture Damage
  • Augur Pact for +90% to All Damage

Modded Stats

And at the end, now the adjusted stats are:

  • Critical Chance 2.5% — unchanged
  • Status Chance 6.8% — this increase is from multishot due to the increased number of bullets
  • Impact 28.4 — 10x base
  • Puncture 1,273 — 29x base
  • Slash 85.3 — 10x base
  • Elemental 1,023 — bonus!

For what it’s worth, I plugged this build into that warframe-builder site and it gave these dps stats:

  • 2446.151 Total Damage per shot
  • 12915.677 DPS without reloading
  • 9080.201 DPS, accounting for reloading

So… about 64.5x the base damage, all due to the mods.  And in poking around in the builder site, it looks like there’s a “Gunslinger” mod I could use in place of Augur Pact.  I would lose the 90% damage from Augur Pact, but gain 72% rate of fire, which take the DPS up to over 10,000 (accounting for reloading), though it’s only 2115 damage per shot, instead of the 2446 that my own build does.  But it’s a mod I don’t have, so I’ll have to go farm for it, I suppose 😉

Kind of amazing what adding 8 mods to an item will do, isn’t it?

This is true of everything in the game though — all weapons, all warframes — I just happened to take screenies of this weapon at some point, so it’s the example to show here.  Perhaps I’ll do a similar post for a warframe or 2 soon.  We shall see…

In other news, the new FFXIV patch dropped this morning, so I’ll be back in that game tonight!

Happy gaming out there!  And now — enjoy a few more pictures that have nothing to do with the post above, so I’m dropping them down here at the bottom:


I’ve got Chroma in an “Ice Tank” build, so I re-colored him blue and white to look more like ice.


This is Ash Prime. He’s sometimes called “*THE* Ninja Frame” since his powers involve invisibility, tossing shurikens, and instakill-teleports. He sounds like everything I’d like in a frame, but I’m just not “feeling it” when I play as him. Maybe he’s better suited to solo play and I have just ranked him up in groups so far, so I haven’t really had a chance to use him “in his role” yet or something.


The Glaive weapon is a melee, but you can throw it, and sorta guide it too, just like the Glaive in the movie Krull (cheesy 80’s sword and sorcery flick, but oh so fun!). That’s the Banshee frame holding it — Banshee is an amazing debuffer. As you play through the game you make enemies and they sometimes a group of more-powerful-than-normal enemies will “crash your mission” to try to kill you. In a group you have help to fight back, at least. One time I was running her big AE debuff and someone’s enemies spawned in. A dps player shot at them with an AE weapon and it 1-shot the whole group due to the debuff. He was impressed enough to comment about it in the typed squad chat that no one really uses. (It’s an action game. Who’s got time to stop and type?)


Flaming Claws — what’s not to love about that?


I’ve been working on my Archwing stuff a bit here and there too. It’s not so bad when you have upgraded weapons, but the basic weapon you get… blech!


Such a pretty tileset!

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