[Warframe] The War Within Is Complete


In context, this is a *very* dramatic shot. Out of context like this, it’s just pretty… but very pretty 😉

I did The War Within on Monday night.  Given how challenging some of the other quests have been, this one was surprisingly easy.  But then, in a lot of ways it seemed to be more of a “here’s a new feature you’re unlocking, this quest is your tutorial” type of quest than anything, so I guess it makes sense that it wouldn’t be too hard.  Most of the slightly-longer-than-an-hour time it took was taken up by cutscenes, and most of the actual gameplay was a sort of “walking simulator” where it’d give you a new power, then put you in a situation where you’d use the new power.  And if you failed, it just went back to a checkpoint save that it did in the mission, so you really couldn’t actually fail the mission, it didn’t seem.


The Kuva Fortress tileset has quite an interesting look. It’s recognizably Grineer, but less ugly, like it’s a higher technology base used here.

But anyway, it was an awesome story, great cutscenes, and now I have my operator fully unlocked.  I also went to Cetus and spoke to the Quills, so I’ve unlocked the entire Focus system now also.  It honestly doesn’t look like there’s really all that much to it, though.  I went with the Zenurik school to start since it has energy regeneration, and that’s really just in the “Energizing Dash” ability, which it the 1st thing I chose to unlock after I was able.  Nothing else in the tree makes me really go “oh this would be cool to be able to do” though, so after that I may look at unlocking Naramon, as I’ve seen some mention of that tree being “useful” in some videos.  I’m not sure about this, but I think you can only use 1 school at a time, though, depending on which school’s lens you have equipped to your warframe, so that means that to my eyes, most frames will be Zenurik equipped, though some don’t necessarily need the ability to regenerate energy on demand, so perhaps on other frames I will use other schools once I’ve unlocked them and some of their abilities.  We’ll see as it goes forward.  As it is, it appears that using the operator is really only done to reset Battalyst immunities, and they don’t appear in most of the game, so there’s really not much call to use the operator much, I don’t think.


It’s kinda fun to walk around the ship as the Operator.

Even so, a co-worker who has started playing needed to work through some of the Earth map last night so I joined him to help out.  I was on Frost Prime, and the mission he took us in to was a defense, so that worked out well.  I popped a snowglobe on the defense target, then popped out to my operator and was able to rank up my basic amp to 9 on that mission.  I’m not really sure what else to do with an amp though.  I’ve seen mention of building others and gilding them or something like that, but I don’t know what that means yet.  And I’ve seen a video of a guy who made himself “the best possible amp” and it couldn’t even take out a basic level 50 enemy in the Simulacrum, so he was very much in the camp of “use your operator to reset Battalyst immunites, but otherwise don’t waste your time with amps” so I don’t think I’ll really be doing all that much with amps other than to level up the basic one that I got when I completed The War Within.


The Kestrel melee weapon is an honest-to-God boomerang!

Especially since I’ve still got weapons to rank up, warframes to rank up, maps to unlock…  There’s still just so much to do!


And yes, it’s a “thrown melee” and it comes back.

In other news, since the “Prime Vault” opened up yesterday, and I love the Loki frame I bought their “dual pack” that includes Loki Prime and Ember Prime plus several weapons.  I’ve only run 2 missions with the Loki Prime as of yet, but that was enough to get him to rank 9, and it also got me enough Mastery experience that the MR15 test is unlocked, so I plan to run that tonight.  I’ve seen a couple of videos of it, and it’s essentially a single-wave 3-tower interception mission, which is my 2nd least favorite type of mission to run solo (1st being the hijack missions) but from the vids it appears that so long as I’ve got a decent hitscan rifle (like my Soma Prime) then I should be able to take the 3 towers, and then keep the 2 clear from the 3rd with sniping, so it shouldn’t be too bad.  I hope.  I plan to practice it before simply jumping in, that’s for sure.


Loki Prime!!!

Happy Gaming out there!


Another of those kinetic sculpture things that a still screenshot just doesn’t do any justice to.

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