[Warframe] MR15 and Loki Prime

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, I was eligible to do the MR15 test, so I ran that last night.  I did a practice run 1st and it was surprisingly easy, so then I ran the test for real and while it didn’t go as well as the practice run, I was also never in any danger of failing it, so… yay!  I’m MR 15 now.



After that, I spent most of the evening ranking up my new Loki Prime frame.  I got him to 30, and with the 4 polarity slots he comes with that’s *almost* enough for his full “perfect build.”  It would actually be more than enough for the mods I had available when I was using the Loki frame — I’ve got 2 forma in that frame, which gives it the same 4 polarity slots, and it’s just fine, after all.  However, since that time I’ve ranked up mods to max, plus I’ve also managed to acquire Primed Continuity and Primed Flow and they have a decently large cost, even in a polarity slot, so Loki Prime needed a forma to be able to have every mod slot filled for the “perfect build.”


Loki Prime 1-forma “Max Duration” build.  Energy Siphon for constant energy regen and mod space, Cunning Drift for range, Quick Thinking for defense (it turns energy into your health pool at a 2.4:1 ratio, so that 744 energy is equivalent to 1785 health, assuming energy is topped off), Constitution for duration, Primed Flow for increased energy, Overextended for range, Primed Continuity for duration, Narrow Minded for duration, Streamline for efficiency, and Augur Message for duration.

So I did it — Loki Prime got the forma and I ranked him up a 2nd time.  It didn’t take terribly long, as I still had the 3-day affinity booster from hitting the 50-day login.  And after he was up to 30 again, I decided to compare him to Loki just to see how much “better” the prime frame is over the standard frame.  Short answer:  Not very.


“Max Duration” ability stats. Just shy of 37 seconds of invisibility. You can do a LOT in this game in 37 seconds (especially on a frame like Loki that moves so quickly), so that’s simply wonderful.

The only real differences in the stats are that Loki Prime has a larger energy pool, and he only needed 1 forma to complete the build, while Loki Normal would need 3 formas to complete the build.  Since I’ve only got 2 formas in that frame, I can just leave the 1 mod slot empty and all I lose is 15% ability range, which isn’t really terribly important for Loki anyway.  They’re remarkably similar, so I can see why there is a general attitude in the game of “Primes are nice, though not necessary to play well, but if you got the Prime it *is* better, so you might as well use it.”


Loki 2-forma build. Not *quite* enough mod space for that last 15% range, but then… it also really doesn’t need it either. 638 energy vs LP’s 744 is the other difference. And if I tossed a 3rd forma at it so that it had the same number of polarity slots, that would actually be the *only* difference.  And in looking closer, this is the wrong screenie, since I still had Stretch installed, when it is supposed to be Streamline, so… add 30 efficiency, and lose 30 range from the stats for the real comparison.

Tonight my Banshee Prime frame will be done cooking in the foundry so I’ll probably work on ranking that one up and see just how similar it is to the regular Banshee frame that I’ve come to enjoy as well.


I’ve seen this odd writing pop up a couple of times after completing missions, but this is the 1st time I managed to get a screenshot. Does anyone know what it is or what it indicates?

Hydroid Prime finished up in the foundry last night, and I got it up to rank 11 or 12.  High enough that I got to at least test out all the abilities.  The 3rd ability is fun — you quite literally turn into a puddle of water on the floor.  It’s really rather funny.  But the big reason to use him is his 4th ability that calls out a bunch of tentacles that hold mobs in place for you to shoot.  And you augment that ability and it gives a 100% chance for loot to drop from any entangled mob.  So yeah, Hydroid is a “farming frame” more than anything, it seems.  I now completely understand why the videos I’ve seen for “max loot” runs have group compositions of Chroma (double credits due to his Effigy ability), Nekros/Prime (his Desecrate ability makes each body part drop loot, not just the “main body” — use slash damage to create more parts! ), and Hydroid/Prime (guaranteed loot drop from tentacle-affected mobs) in them.  That seems a lot of loot maximization there between those 3 frames.


Hydroid Prime looks pretty neat, IMO.

Happy Gaming Out There!


I’ve unlocked the Simulacrum! Now to scan more mobs so that they’ll be available in here…

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  1. I’m close to hitting MR2 (I’m slow, lol) and should I bother with broken mods? I have so many mods right now its breaking my brain which to break down and which to equip/enhance. Still just leveling my MK-1 weapons and Excalibur frame, but I have 2 pieces of the Rhino started and 24hr left on crafting a companion.

    I’m starting to remember why I stopped Warframe in the first place. There is just so much going on I feel like I’m barely making any progress – if any, lol. Working on clearing out Venus and starting the Mars bridge so I can start maybe one of the new questlines. Hopefully I’m moving in the right direction, lol.

    • Broken mods are actually “intro/starter” mods. They only go to 3 levels, so they’re cheap to upgrade with Endo. Downside is they give a smaller bonus than a “normal” mod for those same 3 levels, plus a normal mod can go to 5 or 10 levels so can be MUCH better in the long run too.

      if you have a damaged mod and a normal mod, always prefer the normal. But if damaged is all you’ve got, it’s not *bad* to use them — any bonus is better than none, after all. Just be aware that you will be replacing them sooner or later (and usually sooner) so any Endo you spend on them will be lost.

      But yeah, with over 50 frames and 350 weapons, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the various choices. Thing is, even the “starter” weapons still are plenty powerful if modded up, so there’s nothing wrong with hanging on to what you got and focusing on it, then branching out later after you’re comfortable with what you’ve already got.

  2. CMDR Cryptography

    I’m impressed you’ve progressed so far. I’ve got ~200 days login and am only at MR7, though I’ve maxed out a lot of gear beyond that point. I really should look into maximising my frames – so far I just buff their shields/health/armor and go shoot things. I so far barely use their main abilities, and when I do its rarely optimal!

    I’m trying to get hold of my last remaining Kubrow breed. Random hatching are getting my a lot of repeats!

    • That’s what I do for the 1st few levels until the ranking up of the frame has increased the base health and shields enough that I feel like I won’t die if something sneezes in my general direction. After that, then I’ll slot in efficiency and Flow/Primed Flow in order to enable me to cast my abilities. Some frames you want the capped 175% efficiency to spam abilities, some frames cast more sparingly, so 130% with just Streamline is enough.

      But then as I get into the 20’s I start looking into “what is this frame generally used for” and then build for that — the warframe-builder.com site is a big help for that. Or I’ll do a google search for “warframe best loki build” or something like that, and usually something pops up from the forums or on reddit or something too, so it’s not hard to find help on getting “optimized” builds for each frame.

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