[Warframe] MR17 Completed


MR17 Completed!

As you can tell from the title, progress continues.  At least insofar as ranking up a variety of weapons and frames goes, anyway, since that’s all that MR really shows.  So far as unlocking the map and completing the quests go (which is “real progress” as far as I’m concerned) I am slowly but surely getting there.  I’m down to only needing 3 more spots on Saturn, 2 on Uranus, and 2 on Neptune.  I’ve still got quite a bit of Pluto and Lua, but I’m more than halfway through Sedna now — and I’ve managed to get to where I can get to the Void from Sedna also, and into the Rank 40-50 content offered there.  and of course I still need to unlock Eris, and then there’s the whole Kuva Fortress that I’ve not visited yet either.  Still tons to do…


I completed this quest yesterday, so the frame’s cooking in the foundry now and will be ready on Wednesday night.

And there’s the quick and dirty update.  Happy gaming out there!


I got 666 focus on that round. How could I not take a screenie?


Operator fun while waiting for the last person to join us at the mission exit.


This was the 2nd “kuria” that I found on my own. In a group mission the other day someone knew where one was and took us all up into the rafters to see it also.


Octavia’s interesting, in that you can write your own songs…. or copy them from other people. This one is actually “All Star” by Smashmouth. It’s only 4 bars long, so it’s really just the 1st line of the chorus, but it’s recognizable when played. And since it repeats in a recognizable pattern, it’s easy to “dance” to it in order to get your buffs and invisibility.



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  1. I just hit MR8 myself! I was recommended the ‘Baza’ and ‘Hek’ (and given some appropriate mods for both that make them even better) to help smooth my map progression. Starting to understand the status/damage system a lot more. It’s a lot of fun just mowing down entire groups in one clip in survival mode.

    That being said, I just hit “The Second Dream” quest and having a rough time with the sentients. Their adaptive damage is something I wasn’t prepared for, so I’m playing with new weapons and mods to see what fits me best in conquering them. Baza with Corrosive, Gammacor with Magnetic, and a melee that has something different.

    • Baza is one of my favorite guns for sure. Only downside is that it’s got a pretty small magazine for how rapidly it fires. I prefer the “Sobek” shotgun to the “Hek.” Not only for the larger magazine (20 vs 4) but for the Acid Shells augment mod it’s got. Get a kill, do a massive AE hit around the kill too. works very nicely!

      Sentients are rough. I was running Octavia’s Anthem and it’s got a few times where it’s all sentients that you gotta fight. In the later game there are easier ways to deal with them, and even then they’re still pretty rough.

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