[Warframe] MR18

That is all.


The test is a 5-wave defense mission. *Of course* I took Frost Prime with his Snowglobe.

Happy gaming out there!

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  1. You are plowing through those mastery ranks, congrats! I’m still MR8, but I managed to finish ‘The War Within’ which was a very cool twist to the Warframe universe. I enjoyed it a lot. Still trying to find the ‘next-big-gun’ since my Baza is 4-forma’d now, but it is surprising how much I still enjoy this game.

    I also snagged the Inaros quest from Baro as well, and after your last post I’m very excited to give him a try. Rhino is still my favorite frame from what I’ve played so far (I’m a f2p noob) but Inaros may surpass him.

    I also read about the ending to the Octavia quest-line being the simon-says sort of thing. Is it similar to the challenge room you might find on Lua? I did a few of those last night to open up Sedna and conquered the ‘Choir’ and ‘Organ’ (apparently the Organ one is infamous, although I enjoyed it a lot). Was really surprised how challenging, but fun the Lua challenge vaults were.

    • Inaros is my current favorite frame. He Just. Doesn’t. Die. Couple that with a spin-attack “meme-strike” build on my Orthos Prime and he’s 1-shotting just about everything up to level 50, so he just carves through all the missions. That said, he has no shields, so he’s no good on a hijack mission 😉

      The Octavia thing isn’t memory — you can see exactly where you need to jump, and you know when to duck and whatnot, plus the mobs are all easily 1-shot, so they’re just a nuisance. It’s just that you have to jump on the right spots to either clear a “red” wrong note, or to turn a “green” correct note into a blue one indicating that you’ve done the right one. It’s not hard, it’s just that there are a LOT of notes, so it’s pretty tedious.

      “The” Big Gun of the game is called “Opticor.” It’s the preferred gun for Eidolon hunting, as it does massive hits. It’s a “charge” weapon, and unlike a bow, it fires when the charge is done, not when you release, so I find it a little hard to aim, since you have to hold it on target until it fires. But a typical hit that I was seeing from it was about 32,000 damage on the low end, so… yeah… it’s a BFG all right.

      I still generally prefer to use my Sobek or my Baza in most content, though.

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