[Warframe] MR19 and Bits and Bobs

Warframe0002As you can see from the screenshot above, I made it to MR19 this past week.  The test was another one of those “stealth” ones where you can only use a melee weapon, no abilities, etc.  I looked up some guides on it and they all said “To cheese it, use the Redeemer gunblade and you can snipe all the enemies from a distance, but since it’s a melee weapon it’s still silent.”  That sounded interesting, and looked fun in the videos, so I went into a practice session to see how I’d need to lead targets and whatnot and it would seem that DE has nerfed that.  Firing a shot with the Redeemer alerts all enemies on the map to your presence, which then fails the test.

After trying this a few times and confirming it didn’t matter if I shot at the closer mobs 1st or not, but that EVERY enemy on the map was alerted to me (which actually matches what I saw with Ivara when I ranked the thing up in the 1st place — it was fine to use as a melee finisher, but if I made a shot with the gun part, a large radius around me alerted, even though it didn’t break my Prowl like an “alarming” weapon does), so that’s not a valid way to do it anymore.


Mag and Banshee just hanging around

So I decided to go more traditional — I grabbed my Atterax whip with Primed Reach.  I used Ivara since she’s got a built-in enemy radar as her passive, then I boosted that with both the Enemy Radar aura and the Enemy Sense mod.  That made everything show up on my mini-map to as far as it would show, which was *very* useful in determining when to “sneak” (ok, it was a sprint) up behind them.  Using this, I succeeded my 1st practice attempt no problem at all, so I tried for real, and messed up almost immediately.

What was that Han said to Luke?  Don’t get cocky?  Yeah…. so anyway, since you get 3 or 4 attempts, I was still okay, and I did just fine on the 2nd attempt, so yay, I’m now MR19.

I actually haven’t opened up any more of the star map.  I’ve tried going to more places, but I want to do them in groups and I’ve hit “wait for players” and let it sit for up to 5 minutes at a time, so… it looks like the later missions aren’t really done much other than for the sake of doing them to open the map, but once you’ve done that, it’s now all about the sorties and Plains of Eidolon for the end-game.  One of these days I’ll do some of those.  One of these days…



In other news, Mirage finished cooking in the foundry, so that finished the Hidden Messages quest.



And I buckled down and found all the plants I needed to finish off the Titania quest, so I’ve got that frame also.  I haven’t done much with it other than rank it to 30 in Hydron so far, and it looks like I’ll probably need to toss a forma or 2 at it if I want to “really make it good.”  But for now, I’m still so enamored of my Inaros that I just don’t care right now.  Perhaps when I eventually head for PoE and want to fly around without needing to build archwing launchers?  Time will tell.

Happy gaming out there!

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