[Warframe] Progress is Slow but Happening

Earlier this week I left my old clan in Warframe.  I was member #4, the other 3 members were all “leader” rank, but I was still only “recruit” rank, so I couldn’t initiate research projects.  The person who invited me to the clan (met via warframe.market trade, actually) hadn’t logged in in 47 days, and the other 2 I’d never actually seen online ever, though the member list said they’re logged in last weekend, at least.  Still and all, I wanted a more active clan… and maybe one that had all its research done 😉


Mirage + Synoid Simulor = Holy fun, Batman!

I also bought the Prime pack with Zephyr Prime.  The frame’s got a decent health and shield pool and with the 3rd power active can’t really be hit much by ranged weapons (not so good vs melee, though).  Through creative use of augments the 4th ability’s tornadoes can be made to do a LOT of damage too, especially when combined with the Torid grenade launcher, or the Pox secondary weapon, so the damage dealt is surprisingly good too.  I’m quite enjoying the frame.


There can be a lot of effects on the screen at times…

My co-worker who I introduced to the game was randomly invited to a large clan at some point, so he asked if someone could invite me to it also.  They did, so now I’m a member of the Aurora Gladiators clan.  And I’ve got a bunch more weapons and warframes cooking in the foundry now due to the additional blueprints I could buy 😀


Eris unlocked!

Another benefit of being in a large and active clan is that I was able to get a group to go up vs Lephantis in the Orokin Derelict, and by doing that meet the requirements to unlock the Eris junction.  And I defeated the Mesa Spectre in there, so I now have Eris unlocked too!  This opened up 2 more quests for me also, though they’re to get the Mesa and Atlas frames, which I’ve already bought for plat, so I don’t know how actively I’ll pursue them.  Even so, there’s still forward progress taking place!

Happy Gaming out there!

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