[Warframe] MR20 – Loadouts

I made it to MR20 on Monday night.  The test was simply “race your archwing down to the end as fast as possible.  Flying through rings extends the time limit by 2 seconds.”  Some of the rings move, but you don’t need to get every ring.  I finished with 10 seconds on the clock and I think I only got about half the rings, maybe not even that many.  Basically just hit sprint and held the spacebar for the afterburner, then pointed at the rings as best I could, but if I missed one, no biggie, just keep moving.



I finally killed Lephantis on the Derelict in a clan group, so I was able to unlock Eris.  That means I’ve finally at least unlocked all the planets, though I’ve not done anything on Eris yet.  According to my profile I’m at 200/227 locations done now.  Off the top of my head what I’ve got left is: 1 on Lua (the spy one, which I tried on Ivara once, but just couldn’t figure the room out and spent so long that it eventually timed out), 1 on Neptune (defection), 3 on Pluto(including Ambulas), 5 on Sedna (I’m gated by a hijack that I don’t want to do solo, but there never seems to be a public group doing it), 5 on the Kuva Fortress, and all of Eris, so however many that is, but it all adds up to 27 😉

I’ve been getting enough focus that I’m actually starting to want to see about unbinding my way-bound focus skills, but to do that I need to hunt Eidolons and get the Brilliant Shard drop thingies.  In my clan chat last night they were saying that the current meta for Eidolon hunts is more or less to use Chroma, Harrow, Trinity, and/or Volt.  I’ve got Chroma with 4 forma, so I decided to look up a hunter build and now I’ve got Chroma with 6 formas on him.  And everyone seems to love the Lanka sniper rifle since it can do Radiation damage so easily, which apparently is the Eidolon’s weakness.  So I looked up hunting build for Lanka, and now my 0-forma Lanka has 5 formas to boot.


This guy popped up again the other night. I didn’t see him, but he growled at me as I went down the ramp, so it almost served as a jump-scare.

I did some testing in the Simulacrum and with the Lanka (and the Opticor, for that matter) I can 1-shot the level 130 corrupted Heavy Gunners, when I’ve buffed myself up with self-damage on Chroma.  I’ve got a set of Hikou throwing stars modded to explode, so I just toss a few of those at my feet and that maximizes the buff in just a few seconds.  so yeah, I guess I’m set for Eidolon hunting now.

Of course this also means I need to start playing more out in the Plains.  I didn’t care so much for them when I 1st started playing, but I’m a bit more experienced with the game now and have actual ranked weapons and warframes and builds and such, not just randomly running around on my newbie Frost Prime, ya know?  Maybe I’ll like it more now.  I need to mine a gem, fish a fish, and kill an enemy in less than 30 seconds to open up a riven, so I’ve got to head out there to do that sometime anyway.

I hit my 100-day mark yesterday so I got the um…. Azami?  I’m not sure how it’s spelled now.  *looks it up* Azima!  I was close!  But yeah, it’s a machine pistol with a surprisingly large 75-shot magazine and an alternate fire mode that launches a disk out a bit and then start shooting like its a turret.  Not very effective on a stealth mission, but seems like it could be decent in a group of enemies, I suppose.


Between Octavia’s buffs and my own self-buffing as Chroma… lookit all those buffs!

This past weekend I decided to actually figure out how to use the loadouts, rather than manually swapping out my frame and weapons each time I’d go into the arsenal and want a change.  There wasn’t much to it, just click the loadout menu and say “duplicate” to create a new one, then name it what I wanted.  I went through and renamed things to get the list to be nicely alphabetized, which was semi-annoying but not too bad.  And I realized that regardless of the frame, I usually have the Sobek shotgun as my primary weapon, the Stubba pistol as my secondary (though probably to be replaced with Akstiletto Prime anymore), and the Orthos Prime polearm as my melee.  Not always… Mirage is using the Synoid Simulor as the primary weapon, Chroma’s got the Lanka now, and Mesa doesn’t even carry a melee weapon so she gets the bonus 50 health from her passive (with Shatter Shield up, that’s 1000 effective hit points.  Why wouldn’t I do it?), Ivara uses the Baza SMG, Despair throwing knives, and Sheev dagger, Excalibur has the Mire sword acting as a stat stick for his Exalted Blade skill, and there are other variances also, so it’s not *always* those weapons, but it still probably is for more than half of the loadouts.  Kinda fun how you can pick a favorite and have it carry through a lot of the game, no?

Happy gaming out there!


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