[Warframe] Starting Over, Sorta – Plains of Eidolon stuff


I finished the Glast Gambit quest, so now I can do The Index

This past weekend I started to give the Plains of Eidolon a far more detailed look than the little that I did right as I started playing the game and was stumbling around blindly out there not know what I was doing, or why, or even how to do a lot of things just yet.  But this time, I’ve got more time with the game under my belt, got some “endgame builds” for my frames, and decided I want to go Eidolon Hunting and see about this whole fishing thing, maybe upgrade the amp on my operator, and so on.


Finding hidden treasures

So off I went to Cetus to see about it all.  I figured since the 2 factions there use standing as their currency that they’d be very similar to the Syndicates.  And while the gaining of standing is largely the same, the rest is not — the whole Cetus/Plains setup is a game unto itself.  The 2 factions have their own tasks that can only be completed on the Plains, and all of the gear that you can make require resources that are unique to the plains also, so all the stuff I’ve accumulated in my running around the planetary map is useless there.  Which essentially means that doing the Plains is “starting over” so far as the need to farm up resources and standings goes.


That’s a rather large fish…

I’ve gotta say, it definitely feels like slow going right now, especially the gem mining.  The fishing can be relaxing, and there’s not too long a wait for fish to swim by, plus the fishing locations and which fish spawn where are known, so I can get the fish resources without too much trouble, but the mining… yeah.  The nodes are around, but they tend to have a decent distance in between them.  Further, the type of node (gem/blue vs ore/red) seems to be random, but weighted toward the red, and then beyond even that, the resource you receive from the node is randomly one of the available types from that node color.


Mucking about with my archwing

So if I need a murkray liver from a fish, I can go fish up a murkray.  But if I need Azurite, then I have to run all over the place with my mining laser out, listening for the chirp that I’ve gotten close to a node, then hope it’s a gem node, and then hope that it actually gives me Azurite, not Devar or Venidos, or.. the other one.  Chrysamium or something like that.  Anyway… yeah, mining is a bit frustrating.


Flying around on a stolen Grineer Dargyn

And then there are the Cetus Wisps.  A look at the Cetus Wisp guides generally includes descriptions such as “mind-numbing” and “soul crushing.”  The wisps spawn as you enter an instance of the Plains, but don’t continue to spawn — however many spawn with the instance are all there are.  They appear next to fresh water, and there tend to be 1-4 that spawn each instance.  So to get them, you need to travel to all the bodies of water on the Plains.  Have I mentioned that the Plains are huge?


I managed to unveil the 2 riven mods that I’ve picked up so far. I re-rolled this one and got a much better +damage/+status chance result. I should be able to sell it for an okay amount, since I’m told the Boltor is actually used semi-often. The pistol riven is for the laughable Seer, so I’ll probably end up just endo’ing that one, as I doubt there’s be anyone in the market for it.

Fortunately, one can build Loki to be able to sprint something like 4x as fast as normal speed.  Or Volt has that “run really fast” power.  Or Zephyr has “Tailwind.”  Or you can build a maximum range Nova and use her teleport power to cover vast distances quickly.  Or you can use your consumable archwing charges on any frame and fly around rather quickly also, but with the resource cost that went into building the archwings in the 1st place.


I don’t recall why I took this screenshot, but you can see my Wukong frame’s back. He’s kinda fun as his main defensive ability is “you are immortal” so you can just run around maps with impunity and see what there is to see.

Even so, a “perfect run” takes 2-4 minutes to search the most common wisp spawns, then exit the instance, and then load back in to a new one.  You need to eventually get 348 wisps in total in order to craft all the items that need them.  I’m still just trying to get my first 30 so I can craft a new amp.  14 down, 16 to go…


Yes, you can fish up the occasional boot too.

On the bright side, I’ve killed 3 Eidolons now, and somehow got lucky and got a Brilliant Eidolon Shard from each of them.  I’m told those are a rare drop and you have to do special things to increase the chance of them dropping, but, well, so far I’m at a 100% drop rate.  I’ve been using Volt Prime as my Eidolon hunter so far, as I like the utility he provides with his shields in being able to buff the group’s weapons while simultaneously protecting them.  I’ve been using the Lanka sniper rifle so far, since it can be easily modded to do massive amounts of Radiation damage, which the Eidolons are weak to, but it’s got a charge time, so that can be a little annoying in getting off shots rapidly.  As a result, I’ve built up a Rubico sniper as well.  The radiation damage done is a little less, but I can fire 6 shots as quickly as I can press my fire button, and it’s a hitscan weapon also, so I don’t have to lead the target to account for the Lanka’s projectile flight time either.  Overall I think I will probably do better with the Rubico.  Time will tell, anyway.


Getting a Brilliant Shard after the Eidolon kill.

This is getting long, so… Happy gaming out there!

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