[Civ 6] Gathering Storm Expansion Announced

So a couple of days ago Firaxis announced that Civ 6 is getting its 2nd expansion in February.  They’re calling it “Gathering Storm” as they’re adding in random geologic and weather events.  Floodplains can actually flood, volcanoes can erupt, tornadoes can sweep the plains, dust storms in and around deserts, droughts will apparently be triggered if you cut too many forests, etc.  They’re also adding in an overall “world climate” section that you’ll have to manage, and revamp of how strategic resources work.

Here’s the announcement video.  It opens with a short intro from Sid Meier, but the volume is very low so he’s hard to hear, then it goes in to the 3 minute trailer, then finally cuts to the developers talking about it.  I didn’t watch the full hour, as by the half-hour mark I knew I didn’t care about this expansion at all.

As I watched the video, I kept thinking to myself “Hoo boy, just that much more to micromanage.”  Nothing really excited me about any of what they’re proposing at all.  And considering that in my “1st impressions” post about the “Rise and Fall” expansion I said that I felt it made the game worse and thus I had buyer’s remorse…

I can’t say that I’m looking forward to this expansion at all.

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  1. I found it a bit ironic that this was the theme of the expansion when Civ II had this sort of thing way back in the day. This will probably have much more depth, but still, climate change has been done in the series before.

    • Yeah, I remember having to deal with pollution cleanup back in Civ2. Wasn’t a big deal, generally, as i always had hordes of builders by the time it could happen, so they’d just railroad over (since every space had a railroad on it for the bonus gold it gave) and have it cleaned up within 2 or 3 turns. I remember seeing notices that the sea level was rising, but I never actually saw that happen that I recall, though.

  2. Waiting for Civ 7.

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