[Warframe] Kitgun Stuff

This post will try to encapsulate what I’ve learned about the kitguns so far.


I’d plat-bought Revenant back in the day, so I didn’t need to do the quest, but … finally got around to it.

My 1st kitgun was one of the “daily specials” that I bought with platinum.  Several people in public groups I was in during that day and also in my clan chat said that the daily special was “one of the best possible combinations.”  So I bought it.  It was the beam chamber called “Gaze” along with the Splat grip and the Thunderdrum loader.  Since plat-bought weapons come gilded, I was able to immediately throw a potato on it and start off with 50 mod space (go go MR 25, right?)  And the gun was fine.  I’d shoot things and they’d die quite quickly, but it’s a beam weapon, and I’ve never really liked the “feel” of the various beams with their requirement for pinpoint accuracy as you hold the reticle on target as it’s moving.  So while sure, it killed things quickly, I didn’t really like the gun.


Max rank!

I started ranking up my faction level and more options became available, and the idea of a rapid fire auto-pistol sounded fun to me, so I chose my “free reward” from each level up on the Rattleguts, Gibber, and Thunderdrum pieces.  I knew that it would be lower damage per shot than might be possible otherwise, but with max fire rate, I figured that wouldn’t matter much.  And it didn’t.  I simply loved how it felt, even when un-gilded.  Mobs died pretty much instantly when hit, and after I gilded it and tossed forma into it, it just got better.


This isn’t the one referred to in this paragraph, but rather the “best on paper” build.

I put together a Catchmoon chamber since people were calling it a “pocket Arca Plasmor,” but I didn’t look up what was supposedly “the best” combo for it, just picked parts that sounded like they’d be good for a shotgun with the highest possible status chance.  This worked very well for me when ranking it up in Helene and Hydron, though whole it would clear a hallway of trash, I noticed it struggled a bit vs the Nox and the various Eximus mobs in the later waves.  It’s also got a kinda weird feel becuz while the Arca Plasmor will go as far as it can until it hits a wall, but allows pieces of the shot to clip out earlier, the Catchmoon doesn’t do that — if a piece of the shot clips a wall, the whole shot ends there, so it’s not an “aim in the general direction” weapon like the Arca is, but still requires some precision in the aiming.


Same deal — this is the “best on paper” build, not the 1st one I put together.

And finally I built a gun using the “Tombfinger” chamber and the “Haymaker” grip since both said “Maximum Damage.”  I did this because I thought it would serve as a substitute for a Lex Prime with a big single shot.  I went with the Stitch loader, as I thought that it sounded like a good balance of magazine size and fire rate.  It worked fine.  The projectile’s larger than on a Lex, so it didn’t require quite as much aiming precision, but it’s also a projectile weapon, not hitscan, so it actually ended up being a little harder to aim anyway, since I have to lead the targets a bit.  I noticed if I aimed at the mob’s feet that there was a bit of an area of effect, so when firing in to groups I’d often do that instead to get more hits in.  I’ve since learned that the AE is a “reverse cone” so if you hit something (or a wall) then it splashed in a cone back toward you, so if firing into a group you want to fire at the back of it to get the AE on the rest of the mobs.  Seems to have about a 3m range for the splash.  Overall, I’d say the feel of the gun was fine, but it didn’t quite sit right with me.


I think you know the drill by now…

And after having done this, I decided to research what the community feels is the best kitgun combinations.  I looked up videos, but they tended to just be people saying “here’s what I threw together to test” but that was about it.  So off to teh interwebz instead.  There I found these charts that someone had put together.  The TL;DR is that the highest “paper dps” comes from these part combinations:

  • Tombfinger, Haymaker, Splat
  • Rattleguts, Lovetap, Splat
  • Catchmoon, Haymaker, Splat
  • Gaze, Haymaker, Splat

The difference between the Lovetap and the Haymaker on the Rattleguts was only 18 dps, so very minimal – less than a hundredth of a percent.  So as you can see… pretty much the “Haymaker/Splat” grip/loader combo is “best” for paper dps.  And I’ve gone ahead and built all 4 of those combos now and tried them out.  I’ve also done some testing in the simulacrum for kill times and whatnot.


A standard kitgun build, as described in this next paragraph.

In all cases, a “perfect” mod build requires 4 forma and will include Hornet Strike, Lethal Torrent, Barrel Diffusion, Primed Target Cracker, Primed Pistol Gambit, 2 dual-stat elemental mods to make the combo of your choice (generally corrosive, as usual), and a final slot that you can play with a bit.  Augur Pact is popular to toss in there, though I’ve found I like to toss a 90% elemental mod in to increase the corrosive status for armor stripping and that seems to better my kill times by a touch in testing.  So yeah, not a lot of build variety going on with the kitguns.  I’ve tried a few other things and played around with the final slot, tried using more slash/puncture instead of the elementals and they just don’t work as well.

In simulacrum tests vs level 100 enemies (since that’s about as high as you’ll ever realistically see in a sortie) this was how everything came out:

  • Tombfinger – 1 shot vs trash mobs. 5-6 headshots vs armored mobs.
  • Rattleguts – trash mobs explode on a quick trigger pull, armored mobs take about half a clip.
  • Catchmoon – 1 shot will clear an entire line of trash mobs (pocket Arca! ), armored mobs take 10-12 headshots
  • Gaze – trash mobs go down on quick trigger pull, armored mobs take about a half a clip.

From this we see that all of the chambers can clear trash with no problems, but the Rattleguts and the Gaze seem to have an easier time vs the armored units.  The difference between those guns is that the Rattleguts is hitscan and has unlimited range, while the gaze is a beam weapon with only 20m range, so there’s still a different feel.  And Gaze is comparatively ammo inefficient, though bringing Carrier along fixes that up.


Yep, still “best on paper”

Speaking of the Rattleguts, I’m finding that in testing my “Rapidshot” gun actually kills slightly faster than the “best paper dps” version.  There are 2 reasons that I can see for it:

  1. There’s no Impact damage, so the mobs don’t ever stagger and throw off the headshot aim
  2. It has lower recoil so it’s easier to start a stream of headshot fire and hold it in place

And for variety’s sake, one I built myself for fun instead of min/maxing…. and it seems to actually work better than the min/maxed gun. Go figure, right?

However, in practical application in “the real game” with body shots since the mobs are running around both seem to have the same instantaneous kill time.  The same goes for any of the kitguns.  Mobs in the 30-50 range like you see in Hydron all simply melt/explode when hit by a fully modded kitgun, so it all seems to come down to “do you like how the gun feels to play with?”


I maxed Ventkids too. And now that I’ve done that, I have no need to ever use a K-Drive again, since the archwing is better in every way.

For me, the gun I like the feel of best is.. well… I go back and forth between my 2 Rattleguts kits.  I think I’m leaning a bit more toward my “Rapidshot” one since I like the feel of less recoil, but both work wonderfully.  For the other chambers, since I don’t like them as much, I ended up trading in my “less than optimal” guns for standing so as to not be clogging up my equipment slots.

Out in Orb Vallis, I find the Catchmoon and Gaze are too short-ranged to really be useful, and the slow projectile on the Tombfinger is hard to aim, but the Rattleguts absolutely owns out there.  Mobs die instantly, range is unlimited, and it simply wrecks all the dropships that are flying around too.  Yeah… Rattleguts kitgun is now my go-to secondary in most cases anymore.


Ivara really shows her title as “The Huntress” when going after the floofs. She can simply use Sleep Arrow on the target — doesn’t even have to use the tranq rifle. Equinox in night mode could probably do the same, but Ivara can stealth, so she’s got that going for her.

If you like a different chamber better, more power to you.  I also found a reddit thread where a lot of people said that they liked the Lovetap grip with any chamber more than the Haymaker as the slightly faster rate of fire it gives “felt smoother” to them as they played.  I guess the whole “paper dps vs practical application” dichotomy is still in full force.


K-Driving out in the plains… becuz I could. But yeah, not much point to it there either.

I’ve not done much with the arcanes yet. I’ve looked up videos on them, and the consensus is already emerging that the only one worth using is the one that deals additional damage when you get a headshot kill, with a possible case to be made for the “Pax Charge” one that eliminates ammo and reloads itself when you aren’t firing it.  That one might work well with the Gaze chamber, as Gaze is incredibly ammo inefficient.  I did buy one of those and test it out, and… it seems that the wait time until it begins to reload is the same as your reload time, and then it takes 4 seconds to charge up to full.  Ranking it up reduces the reload wait time, but the 4 second fill time looks to be set in stone.  In testing, it’s much slower than simply reloading, but in the “real game” there’s plenty of downtime, so it seems more practical there, perhaps.

Happy gaming out there!

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