[Warframe] Mastery Rank 26!

I had my Day 350 login 2 days ago, and that also happened to be the day that this happened:


Eligible to do MR 26 Test

When I started playing this game just shy of a year ago, and I had no real idea of how to gain new weapons and warframes, had you told me that less than a year later I’d have played with/tried out 457 / 468 (according to my profile, but it doesn’t include 2 Wraith versions, 4 Vandal versions, nor 2 archwing weapons, so 457 / 476, really) of the items in the game, I’d have said you were crazy.

But here we are:


MR 26 Achieved

The test was one of those “run next to the moving item until it says it’s captured while tanking the damage from the enemies” ones.  Though I used Limbo, so I just dodged out of phase and could simply ignore the mobs.  Except one who somehow got into the Rift with me, but I killed it easily enough and then was completely safe the rest of the time.  Worked out nicely.

In Fortuna news… I’m done with it so far as the current content goes.  I’ve maxed the 2 factions that can be maxed, built all the kitguns, moas, sentinel weapons, the new sentinel, and even all 3 of the K-drives and all the k-drive mods.  I don’t have all the floofs yet, but I don’t really care about them either. I have no reason to go get standing with Solaris United or the Vent Kids anymore, as I’ve got everything that standing gives me.  I know that there’s a “Fortuna 2” coming, though, which will unlock the giant spider fights and allow for the Vox Solaris faction to come in to play, but until then, I’m pretty much just done with Fortuna.

Of course with Mesa Prime and her weapons coming next week as well as the new Baruuk (sp?) frame, there will be more to try out soon…

In the meantime – Happy gaming out there!

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